Facebook Video Marketing With Brian Solis – Tips for A “Socialized Business Strategy”

Facebook Video Marketing With Brian Solis – Tips for A “Socialized Business Strategy”

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Kicking off my month-long Facebook Video Marketing Series, I interviewed social media expert Brian Solis.  Brian shared his take on how video marketing on Facebook is an essential part of what he calls a “socialized business strategy,” with actual business case studies of video marketing on Facebook we can all learn from.

Why Facebook Video Marketing Now?

Brian was the keynote speaker for the Facebook Success Summit 2010 month-long webinar, hosted by SocialMediaExaminer.com (which I originally covered in my intro article on ReelSEO, “10 Reasons Facebook Video Marketing is Valuable for Business.”) His keynote promo read: “By this time next year, more businesses will be vested into Facebook than any other social network. With more than 500 million active users, Facebook has become the world’s largest social gathering spot” and is now considered essential to businesses of all sizes.

“Facebook is a platform. I recently said that the medium is not just the message.” Says Brian. “The medium is the platform, and the platform enables so much more.”

Facebook is a HUGE Platform

Here are some of the eye-popping stats that Brian threw out to start his presentation:

  • 150 million people engage with Facebook on external websites every month
  • 2/3rds of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and half of the Global Top 100 websites have integrated with Facebook
  • There are over 150 million active users accessing Facebook through their mobile devices

“We are reaching a different type of social consumer.” Says Brian. “This social consumer takes to email first, Facebook second, to share things. Facebook is part of this sharing cycle.”

Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Here are some of ideas on video marketing with Facebook that I gleamed from watching Brian’s presentation, which came as a mix of his direct advice and presentation examples,  and general Facebook marketing tips which I could figure out would also apply to video content:

  1. Have a Facebook Page landing page video
  2. Do a follow-up video to new “Fans”
  3. Find the people who are most likely to “share” your video
  4. Harness YouTube social sharing functionality for Facebook

1) Add a Customized Tab and Intro Video to Your Facebook Page

“A lot of companies will design a series of interesting initiatives where the landing page isn’t the wall.” Says Brian. “The landing page is a customized tab, which can be done very inexpensively and effectively.” Some people introduce some exclusive content there, some specials, some promotions, or some interesting or entertaining videos just to start to navigate that experience.”

For an example of a landing page opening up to a custom tab with an intro video, Check out the Eyes and Feet Facebook site (we’ve got a video on ours as well – Facebook page for ReelSEO). They feature right on their landing page tab a “Know what we do in 1 minute video,” which announces: “Click on the image below to see a short video about WHY Eyes And Feet makes sense for YOUR local business.”

Eyes Feet Facebook video page
Eyes and Feet Facebook intro video page

2) Keep Facebook Fans Engaged with a Follow-up Video

At the end of the Eyes and Feet intro video on their Facebook page is a link to their “quick product demo video” about how Eyes and Feet works, and what they actually do.  Probably a good idea and it goes directly to their website where you can watch the video and the site owner has a better chance of generating a conversion.

3) Find Influencers & Those Most likely to “Share” Your Video

Whether that be your own original videos, or videos you think the audience would find engaging (and offer your own comments on the content of the video and what you find makes it engaging). As stated by the first guest on Brian Solis TV YouTube show, Josh Bernoff, author of the social media marketing book Empowered, “16% of the people online generate 80% of the influence.”

“The social effect within Facebook is designed to keep people sharing. It’s designed to keep people interactive.” Says Brian. “The goal of social media as Groundswell author Charlene Li says, is to lead us into an era of open leadership where we learn and lead, and demonstrate both through our engagement in social. Facebook is such a platform that demands that.

4) Harness YouTube Social Sharing To Facebook

Brian shared the example of the Swarovski gemstone company’s own Facebook Page, and how everything that every video that was done by them on YouTube was sent right over to Facebook. YouTube does allow account holders to have videos that are published on YouTube to automatically be published on their corresponding Facebook Wall, under “Accounts > Authorized Sites.”

About Brian Solis

Brian’s own website lists his as “globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. He is principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning New Media agency in Silicon Valley, and has led interactive and social programs for Fortune 500 companies, notable celebrities, and Web 2.0 startups. Brian Solis’ books include: Engage!, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, Now Is Gone, The Essential Guide to Social Media, The Social Media Manifesto, The Art and Science of Blogger Relations, The Art and Science of Social Media and Community Relations.

Brian also has his own YouTube video channel (Brian Solis TV), where he interviews social marketing authors and social media industry leaders. Below is a clip from one of those interviews with the head of social media at Ford Motor Company, talking about his company’s success story with Facebook Video Marketing.

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