Facebook Video Owns Day One, But YouTube Wins the Long-Term Love

Facebook Video Owns Day One, But YouTube Wins the Long-Term Love

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With so many different social video platforms available for brands to use to promote themselves, it can be difficult to navigate each one to find the best return for different types of video content.

  • How should brands & creators target audiences on Vine vs YouTube?
  • How does uploading native video to Facebook impact the viewing shelf-life?

A new report from Tubular and Ogilvy (which you can download below) offers brands some real insights into how they can get the best out of YouTube, Facebook, Vine , and Instagram, and which type of video storytelling works best on each. For this post, we’ll take a sneak peek into how Facebook and YouTube compare when it comes to first day video views.

YouTube vs. Facebook: Long-term Engagement

Anybody that’s currently involved in the online video space in any capacity should be aware that uploading native videos to Facebook is reaping incredible benefits for a number of brands and creators. In June 2015 alone, there were 8,452 videos uploaded to the social networking site that generated over 1 million views. 5,919 videos uploaded to YouTube in the same month generated 1 million plus views.

Videos directly uploaded to either Facebook or YouTube in June 2015 that generated 1 million plus views (Data via Tubular)

The million plus view counts for YouTube’s June 2015 uploads may be fall short of Facebook’s, but when it comes to longer-term engagement, YouTube currently has the upper hand.

Facebook ‘Owns’ Day 1 for Video Views

The report uses data from a recent Rhett and Link campaign for Wendy’s, confirms that Facebook ‘owns’ Day 1 in terms of views (thanks to autoplay), and viewer engagement, with 50% of Facebook total views for the branded Wendy’s video occurring within the first 24 hours.

facebook engagement and video views vs YouTube
Percentage of Facebook views within 1 day of upload compared to YouTube views (Data via Tubular) and Ogilvy. Case Study based on Rhett and Link campaign for ‘Wendy’s’

Engagement Occurs on Creator Channels vs. Brand

However, while the Facebook video was uploaded directly to Wendy’s own company page, over on YouTube, Rhett and Link uploaded the ‘Just Being Honest‘ video to their own channel and generated views and engagements over a longer period of time.

youtube drives views and engagement longer
Rhett and Link branded video campaign for Wendy’s – more long-term engagement on YouTube than Facebook (Data via Tubular) and Ogilvy. Case Study based on Rhett and Link campaign for ‘Wendy’s’

Get The Full Report on Multi-Platform Video Strategy

Rise_Multi_Platform_CoverWant to know more about YouTube and engagement? Tubular and Ogilvy have partnered on a new report, “The Rise of Multi-Platform Video: Why Brands Need a Multi-Platform Video Strategy“.

The report guides video marketing teams through the different video platforms, and highlights how branded content works best on each of them. First published at Cannes Lions in June 2015, now all video marketing teams can download the white paper below, and read up on the most up-to-date strategies to get the very best out of the major social video platforms:


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