Facebook To Get Its First Movie Premiere With Bob Marley Documentary

Facebook To Get Its First Movie Premiere With Bob Marley Documentary

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April 20 is a special time of year where the grass is greener and the weeds grow taller, and it’s an unofficial holiday for people to get really hungry for absolutely no reason at all.  It has something to do with the moon and stars, I’m sure, but what’s important to know is that the documentary film Marley is premiering on that date, in theaters and more importantly for our purposes, on Facebook.  It will be the first time a movie premieres on Facebook the same day it opens in theaters, coinciding with a day where things get sticky, and icky.

Bob Marley Documentary Premieres On Facebook On 4/20

Marley comes courtesy of director Kevin Macdonald, who gave us The Last King of Scotland a few years ago.  It will be a “life and times” type of documentary, with archival footage and interviews and whatnot.  But it premieres on Facebook on a day where it is likely a lot of Bob Marley music is played.  Price will be $6.99, and the proceeds will go to Save the Children, a charity for less fortunate kids.

Here’s a look at the trailer:

This is the perfect movie to premiere on Facebook on a perfect date for sharing experiences.  And it’s yet another sign that online video could become an important destination for film in the future.  Many of the signs are pointing to it since art house theaters are going to have a hard time keeping up with the expensive digital conversion that will become almost mandatory in the next couple of years.  Places like Facebook, YouTube, and Hulu will become very important in the distribution of art house films, or films that you won’t be able to see at the local multiplex.  Marley is getting a theatrical release, for sure, but movies like it might not have a place to go in the future.  Online video to the rescue.

It looks like it will be a very special 4/20 for reggae music and Bob Marley fans.


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