EveryZing Launches EZ Video SEO and Video Search Products

EveryZing Launches EZ Video SEO and Video Search Products

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On Monday, I was fortunate enough to speak with Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing, where he gave me a bit of an overview of the 2 exciting products being announced today. The new products, ezSEO and ezSEARCH help to solve the headache that many media companies have in terms of leveraging video content for online video discovery/video search. EveryZing’s new products help media companies position their multimedia content in a more search engine friendly and more user friendly manner for maximum visibility, user interaction, and revenue potential.

In a previous post, “EveryZing = Video SEO Solution for Media Companies,” I covered in-depth, the way in which EveryZing used their technology and expertise to overhaul the Boston.com multimedia search and video landing pages for greater search engine optimization.

Here is their official product launch announcement:

EveryZing today announced the launch of two new products, ezSEO and ezSEARCH, helping to establish it as a complete solution provider for next-generation universal search and search engine optimization (SEO) technologies. With the growth of online audio and video, media companies are increasingly seeking ways to leverage their multimedia assets on the Web. With EveryZing, media companies can build on the success they’ve achieved offline, creating another high-quality, high-consumption channel for building consumer interaction.

Integrating search results across audio, video, images and text, ezSEARCH offers media companies a ”single search box” experience for their end users, driving enhanced user satisfaction and media consumption. Once the search results are blended into one index, ezSEO delivers search engine-friendly Web pages across thousands of topics, dramatically increasing the discoverability and placement of customers’ audio and video content across all of the major search engines. The products also require minimal effort on the customer’s part, as they are both deployed as hosted solutions and are quick and easy to set up and launch.

“EveryZing’s ezSEARCH and ezSEO have enabled us to drive significant growth across our multimedia product offerings,” said Jim Rushton, Entercom New England’s vice president of sales. “With EveryZing, we get a more scalable solution for publishing all of our audio and video content automatically, while saving time and money. We are also able to deliver the right content at the right time to our users, which in turn, enhances our advertising opportunities.”

In addition to Entercom, other new customers such as Boston.com, Reuters and Dow Jones are also utilizing ezSEO and ezSEARCH to increase exposure and access to their content, while enhancing the user experience and driving increased advertising revenue.

“Sites like Entercom’s WEEI.com that have access to high-quality audio and video content are now able to fully leverage their multimedia assets to acquire more users, improve site engagement and increase online advertising revenue,” said Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing. “With the explosive growth of online audio and video, all major media companies are rushing to deploy their content to the Web. EveryZing allows them to plug all of their assets into the Web’s search ecosystem and build on the kind of success they have achieved offline with their high-quality content and powerful brands.”

“Consumers love easy access to video, music and print online,” said Anton Denissov, a video analyst at the Yankee Group, an independent advisory firm. “To successfully capitalize on this demand, media companies must ensure that their content is easy to find and navigate. Consumers have no patience for complexity. If their experience is not seamless, they will go elsewhere.”

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