EveryZing Moves To RAMP Focus On Content Optimization

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ramp-logoYesterday, EveryZing, a company that we have profiled in the past, has re-branded themselves as RAMP.com. They made a name for themselves by helping companies optimize their video content for search discovery through speech to text recognition technology and they are now moving beyond video optimization to focus on helping publishers ramp up monetization, discovery, and engagement through “content optimzation.”

“Over the past three years of the company’s history, we’ve continued to build our core technologies for solutions to grow audience and revenue for online audio, video, text and images for the best known brands in television, media and publishing,” said Tom Wilde, CEO of RAMP. “Given that our existing capabilities are already deployed in scale and proven in the field, RAMP is the industry’s most advanced Content Optimization platform to drive discovery, engagement and monetization universally for all types of web content.”

Ok, well to start off, lets look at the question, “What is Content Optimization.”

whitepaper_imageAs defined in their new whitepaper, (available here) content optimization is…

The unleashing of monetization potential of content through optimizing the discovery and engagement of content to the dynamic requirements of online publishing and consumption with the search and browsing behavior of users.

Ramp’s new centerpiece is a highly automated system for optimizing content dubbed the RAMP platform.  It offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content within dynamic publishing environments. As a result, publishers’ content becomes better positioned for discovery and targeting, leading to greater monetization and engagement.

Here is a great interview from Beet.tv where Tom Wilde talks a bit about the company’s background as well as what they are now focused on for their clients.

The RAMP platform is built into four modules—Workflow, Discover, Engage, and Monetize—which processes audio, textual, image, and video content with little to no human interaction.

Some capabilities of the RAMP platform include:

  • Universal tagging and metadata towards extracting rich content information for content optimization
  • Audio/video transcription for making rich media transparent for content optimization
  • Content syndication workflow automation to optimize content for syndication
  • Automated annotations to optimize content for dynamic placement
  • Universal SEO – optimize content for discovery on search engines regardless of content type
  • Video SEO – make video search and navigation highly transparent to web users and enable new web video experiences through optimized metadata support for video.
  • Social Media Integration – Optimizing content to be social media friendly and capable.
  • Site search capable – Optimizing content to allow effective website experiences with dynamic contextual content presentation and search relevant results

I had the pleasure of speaking today with Tom Wilde, CEO of Ramp, formerly EveryZing.  I asked Tom  if they have all the necessary 301-redirects in place from everyzing.com to RAMP.com and of course, he chuckled and said that they do.

Today, Tom and I will be speaking on a panel discussion titled, “Optimizing Video Search and Discoverability” together with Pete Kocks of Truveo, and Lou Schwartz of Multicast Media Technologies at the Online Video Platform Summit.  Suffice to say, Tom and his team at Ramp.com know plenty about content optimization as well as online video.


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