Evernote: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

Evernote: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

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This week’s ‘Through the Wringer’ review takes a deep-dive into the main YouTube channel of top productivity tool Evernote. The brand’s channel is full of information for the Evernote user, including software features, tutorials, and stories about the product.

Video is an excellent way to convey a message about your brand’s USP, and Evernote’s YouTube channel is filled with tutorials, feature overviews, and stories about the brand and its users. With 230 videos, 93.5K subscribers, and 20.2 Million views, the company has created an effective hub to keep fans to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Next week we’ll be taking a look at the YouTube strategy of online food service GrubHub.

In the coming weeks, tell us which brands or successful independent creators with a major YouTube presence you would like us to put ‘Through the Reel Wringer’ next. Just let us know in the comments below.

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This week we’ll be looking at Evernote’s YouTube channel so let’s load it up and see what insights we can squeeze out starting with Content.

Content: Evernote is my favorite productivity tool and life space. You might call me an EverNut, but it’s not manditory. Evernote has over 100 million total users, so I was curious to see how they were using YouTube. They have 93k subscribers , 20MM total video views and 230 public videos, so they’re clearly not messing around. Looking at viewership by video category, you can see that most of their views come from new product or feature launch videos with another respectable chunk coming from Tutorial videos. These fit nicely into a brand YouTube content strategy, but there are opportunities to increase viewership of their push content which currently includes user stories and event videos.

Optimization: When it comes to optimization they do a pretty good job, but could stand to make a few tweaks. For examps, If you want to put episode numbers in your video titles it’s generally best to put them at the end. No point in wasting that prime title real estate on a number you’ll never rank for. There’s also a Mac version of the same tutorial available, but looking at the tags it’s difficult to tell which is which. The Windows tutorial has Mac and Android tags, and the Mac tutorial has Windows, iPhone, and Android tags. There are also no general “Evernote tutorial” tags or even tags related to the subject of the video which is how to write and take notes. On the platform optimization side I did find some missed opportunities to add clickable annotations, but I was surprised to see them using Interactive Cards to drive premium memberships in a number of videos.

Promotion: When it comes to promoting their content, it’s no surprise that Evernote is skilled at organizing. Their YouTube channel is a great example for brands or SaaS businesses on YouTube. They start with a general collection of product videos, move into tutorial content, highlight customer stories and use cases, and then move into the more sales related content. They also do a great job of incorporating their videos into their online knowledgebase which I imagine accounts for a large number of their tutorial viewership. One are for improvement would have to be their end cards. This is how their newest tutorials end, but they could do a better job of pushing viewers to the next tutorial in the series or at least subscribe to the Evernote channel.

Community: On the community side Evernote has an engagement rate that is pretty typical for brands on YouTube. Not great. Looking at their more recent videos it looks like comments have been completely disabled. Who hurt you, Evernote? There are a number of ways to moderate and manage comments, and I walk through all of them in another video. There may be a valid business reason behind it, but removing comments also removes a pretty huge quality signal and ranking factor for your channel, and with such a passionate user base I can’t see why Evernote wouldn’t double down on community engagement.

The Verdict: Evernote blows away most productivity tools on YouTube, but could stand to optimize and socialize a bit more. Hey now. Be sure to subscribe for more reviews and tutorials, or create a YouTube notebook in Evernote, watch my other reviews, and start taking notes.

As for next week, they say you should never YouTube on an empty stomach. So I’ll be looking at what GrubHub is delivering on YouTube. You can hit me up in the comments for literally any reason. Otherwise don’t forget to like and share this video and if you’ve been sitting for over an hour stand up and stretch out a bit. Sitting is the new smoking people.


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