Evan Carmichael: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

Evan Carmichael: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

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This week’s ‘Through the Wringer’ takes a look at YouTuber Evan Carmichael, and his business advice channel which is packed with tips for entrepreneurs. VidiSEO’s Matt Ballek casts a professional eye over his content, programming, promotional, and community strategy and how other YouTuber’s can learn from Carmichael’s approach.

Evan Carmichael is passionate about entrepreneurs, and his 2,000+ videos are a hugely valuable resource for those looking to make it in the business world. His ‘Top Rules for Success‘ series accounts for almost 30% of his total channel views, and no wonder, when it takes a deep-dive into the world of business greats like Marcus Lemonis, Larry Page, and Richard Branson.

Carmichael uploads a range of different content on different days, each with its own definite theme. And talking of themes, his custom video thumbnails do a superb job of guiding the viewer through the different business guides, with a striking use of fonts, colors, and logos.

Which brand or successful independent creator with a big YouTube presence would you like Matt to put ‘Through the Reel Wringer’ next? Let us know in the comments below!

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Looking at viewer suggestions I started to notice a trend… So this week I’m putting Evan Carmichael’s channel through the wringer.So let’s load it up and see what insights we can squeeze out starting with Content.

Content: Evan Carmichael is an entrepreneur that doesn’t just believe in entrepreneurs, he #believes in them. With over 2,000 videos Evan’s channel is like the Netflix of business mentors. Once you find him, you’ll find yourself binge learning (and binge earning). He’s grown his channel to 96k subscribers, which means he’ll be receiving a Silver Play Button from YouTube in the next few weeks. His main drivers of viewership are his Top 10 Rules for success videos. They make up almost 30% of his total viewership and they’re perfect examples of what I call Pull content since they draw new viewers in through YouTube search.

Search for “Steve Jobs” on YouTube and Evan’s video ranks in the top 5. Once you subscribe to Evan, he does a fantastic job of creating push content to keep you coming back. He has a number of series that come out on different days and times like Entspresso that provides a jolt of inspiration in the morning and another series called Lunch and Earn that comes out at lunch time. All he needs is a dinner and brunch related series and he’s an all you can eat entrepreneur.

Optimization: Evan’s thumbnails are some of the best around. The subject of the video is large and in charge, and the font size and color scheme really stand out. And because his thumbnails have a consistent look and feel, it’s easy to slide into an Evan binge watch session. I also really like Evan’s use of iconography in his thumbnails. He has his consistent orange paper airplane in the corner, but you’ll notice other icons based on the series. Here you can see that all of his entspresso videos have a coffee cup, his lunch and earn videos have a pizza slice, and his believe life videos have little cauliflowers to connect with other caulifollowers

Promotion: With 2,000 videos and a solid set of pull videos in place, Evan doesn’t have to do much promotion if any to attract new viewers. One underrated promotion method that many people and brands overlook is your own website. Evan does a fantastic job here. Go to his home page and you’ll be greeted with a different full screen video every time. He also incorporates his videos on almost every page of his site. It may seem simple, but many brands don’t do this well if at all. Another cool quick tip involves the link to Evan’s YouTube channel on his website. It doesn’t just drive you to his channel…it drives you to the subscribe link of his channel so when you click you go here. How smart is that?

Community: On the community side Evan does so many cool things I could do a whole video about it. First off he’s a commenting machine. He responds to almost every comment on his own channel. He even responds to people on my channel. Who does that? Being an entrepreneur, Evan knows how to lean into trends and he’s leaning into YouTube’s live streaming features in a major way. Matter of fact Evan was live while I was researching his channel, so I popped on, asked a question, and he answered it in person!

The Verdict: Evan Carmichael is a true YouTube entrepreneur with a hustle that would make Gary V. jealous.

So be sure to check out his channel or keep learning by watching another one of my YouTube channel reviews. Thanks for watching, commenting, and supporting the show and I’ll see you next week when we put yet another channel through the wringer.


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