Episodic’s Noam Lovinsky: Web Video Hosting is a Maturing Market

Episodic’s Noam Lovinsky: Web Video Hosting is a Maturing Market

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At Streaming Media West 2009, I spoke with Noam Lovinsky, CEO and Founder of Episodic, which recently launched as an online video platform in a crowded market for both live and on-demand content. The San Francisco, California-based company has been around for two years but has kept relatively quiet in stealth mode building the platform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q7ZRmQy2fs
Last year Episodic focused on delivering video to the mobile devices starting with the iPhone and expanded to the BlackBerry, and even Windows Mobile. Now with the official launch as a “comprehensive solution”, Episodic differentiates itself as an all-under-one-roof platform rather than having a network of partners like its competitors in the space. The Episodic publishing platform is made up of six functional areas: video content management, content ingest and encoding, adaptive bitrate playback, monetization through advertising and credit card transaction, audience measurement and analytics, and syndication.

Customers like Showtime Sports and other national cable networks, web publishers and small and medium businesses, use Episodic, for content management, delivery and monetization. Just days before this interview Episodic announced a new solution in dynamic ad insertion for live streaming content.

According to Noam Lovinsky, video monetization and delivery on the web and mobile devices have just begun to mature, and he offered his perspective on what we see as a saturated online video platform space:

I think it’s really important these publishers and content producers to take a deep look at the products and see if they do what they actually say… So really try before you buy.

As far as 2010 predictions, Noam noted that digital media and the online video market specifically is very young, only about 15 years old, which he attributed to being the age of a teenager.

We’re really seeing the very very beginning of this space… The real competitors are not the saturated market… the real competitors are build vs. buy.

He noted that many of the big media companies and publishers in their pipeline are moving away from their homegrown solutions and starting to invest in an online video platform, which will give rise to the promise of “TV Everywhere” in 2010. Noam also  predicted that in 2010, we’ll see a shift in business models from ad supported content to paid content. He added that moving forward, video will be core for web site development as HTML coding was in 1999.

The moving picture is the most compelling way to tell a story and sell a product and viewers on the web are expecting a rich media experience.

In 2010, Episodic will be expanding their live and mobile products and will be making some large customer announcements. To find out more about Episodic, visit their web site to take a quick tour or a free 30-day trial of their platform.


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