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For those of you know that know me at all, you know that I have always had a passion towards search engine optimization and local search marketing. If you have been following ReelSEO, you might have noticed that I frequently eluded to my belief that there currently exists a unique opportunity with regard to local search mixed with online video. In fact, you will notice that I have an entire section dedicated to Local Online Video info.

Specifically, I believe that a unique opportunity exists for companies to focus, in particular, on offering up an online video solution for small and medium sized businesses who traditionally focus spending on locally based advertising.

There are 3 recent themes that I believe present the case fairly well.

1.) Research – Online video is effective for advertisers.

  1. Online video is a direct response medium that more SMB advertisers are starting to recognize and value and online video advertising drives results and conversions – The Kelsey Group
  2. Household penetration of broadband access – which makes online video more suitable for viewing – hit critical mass in 2007. At midyear 2007, approximately half of all households had broadband access, up from 30 percent two years ago.- Borrell

2.) Research – online ad expenditures for SMBs are growing, especially with regard to search and video.

online video research from borell

  1. Driving most of the growth in local online ad spending for 2008 is the popularity of local search and online video advertising. Locally placed online video will triple, to almost $1.3 billion. – Borrell, “2008 Local Advertising Outlook
  2. Growing consumer adoption of online video will result in a dramatic 72 percent increase in online video ad spending to $7.1 billion by 2012 – Forrester Research, Inc.

3.) Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) are starting to offer online video

  1. Superpages teamed up with Turnhere in December ’07 to begin offering online video to their customers.
  2. According to insider sources of mine, Yellowpages.com, who launched online video offerings as well last year, currently has more more than $5K custom videos that they have had produced for SMBs.
  3. IYPs still have some work to do in terms of offering an online video solution that is truly effective for advertisers.

This presents the opportunity for other companies to focus on developing and offering superior online video solutions for SMBs.

With that, I would like to introduce you all to Mixpo.

Mixpo Logo

Mixpo is an online video advertising company dedicated to providing a turnkey online video marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. They have developed a proprietary technology platform that leverages the power of video to drive action and deliver measurable results for SMBs and It is my opinion that Mixpo currently offers the most innovative and effective solution in the industry.

Mixpo’s aim is to provide advertisers with a video marketing and video SEO solution that helps to drive visibility and direct-response (within the video player itself) from qualified consumers. Instead of a company stockpiling one-use videos on local servers or company websites where the videos may not be found by the search engines (hint hint IYPs), Mixpo is helping get consumers eyes on the business.

Mixpo’s platform is built on Adobe’s Flex which allows Mixpo to offer useful tools and features to help to freshen and extend the life of existing video content. For example the solution has the ability to utilize playlists such that a seasonal or special offer can be added to and removed from a video as a scheduled overlay. This allows for the main body of the video to be utilized for multiple purposes and for information to be continually updated and changed. The platform offers advertisers with an administration control center to change and optimize video campaigns over time.

Mixpo believes that this ability will help small and medium-sized businesses kick-start their online marketing campaign by requiring less interaction with a video editor and website manager. Their turnkey video marketing solution will help small and medium business users increase conversion rates and allow them to better track conversions, views and more; all while reducing the need to continually generate new content, which is costly and time consuming.

Next is the Mixpo video player, which is one of my favorite pieces of the solution. It has built-in interactivity that allows businesses to create a more interactive experience and help to convert potential qualified consumers. The player can manage contact forms as well as clickable URLs and phone numbers.

Aside from the unique video player, Mixpo is also helping with video search engine optimization and working to index all of the videos that are added to their platform. They give each video its own landing page and submit those pages and videos via MRSS feeds to a variety of search engines. In addition, Mixpo syndicates the video to multiple video sharing websites. In combining all of these elements, Mixpo believes it can optimize search results and get the videos to show up in the right places to attract qualified consumers.

Finally, Mixpo offers advertisers the ability to showcase the video and player anywhere on the web. If the advertiser wants to place the video on their website or blog, they can embed the video with ease. They can further use the solution to email the video to the advertiser’s email subscriber lists.

The Mixpo solution helps small and medium businesses by cutting down on the overhead required to maintain an advertising presence online. It also increases the flow of performance tracking information so the business can see where the video ads are going and how they are converting.

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

As for how they are working to enhance their offering as well as Mixpo’s business model for going to market, please stay tuned to ReelSEO as well will be posting an interview with Mixpo in the coming days. Please let us know your thought and comments below.


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