Embed Instagram Does What It Says On The Tin

Embed Instagram Does What It Says On The Tin

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It’s only 8 days old but already Instagram Video has made a significant impact on the online video and marketing worlds. New figures from Topsy show that there are currently 50% more Instagram videos being shared than there are Vine videos. More of that later but first, want to embed your (or anyone else’s) lovingly crafted Instagram videos on your own site? Then you will be delighted at a new online tool called Embed Instagram, which makes light work of embedding any video (or photograph for that matter) from the social network to your own website. Let’s give it a go.

Copy and paste any Instagram URL into the little box provided and Embed Instragram will generate some coding – with credits preserved for work that wasn’t created by you. You can also use shortened URLs and the tool will auto expand them on your behalf which is neat. Here it is, doing its thing with a video created by Maybelline:

Embed Instagram Photos and Videos

Now just add the code to your page or post and you are away. You can alter the default size of Instagram videos and photos (currently 612×612 pixels) to fit your design needs. See how it keeps the credits intact?

Cheers! It’s happy hour in NYC! #ColorWhisper by @maybelline

So, who are the latest winners in the Twitter sharing wars? Instagram video by a country mile at the moment. Topsy are reporting that the volume of links to Vine videos fell by nearly 500,000 the day after the video feature was added to Instagram. A week later, there are 50% more Instagram than Vine links being shared on the internet. No doubt it will settle after the initial novelty has worn off for Instagram users and sharers.




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