How-to Get An Email When You Are Mentioned on YouTube [Tutorial]

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In the third of our series on using IFTTT to automate an array of social media processes, we show you how to create an email alert every time your channel, brand, or industry-specific keyword is mentioned on YouTube. This is a fantastic way of keeping tabs on who is talking about, and creating content around your brand, as well as alerting you to possible collaboration opportunities. It’s also very handy for addressing any negative feedback you might be attracting.

So, let’s take a look at how you create an email alert for a specific keyword triggered by a YouTube upload using a custom RSS feed. This will take around 3 minutes, much less if you already have an IFTTT account and you have your YouTube and RSS channels enabled on that site.


#1 Create a Custom YouTube RSS Feed for Your Keyword/s.

The first part of the process is creating a custom YouTube RSS feed for a keyword, or keywords that you want to receive email alerts for, and this really couldn’t be easier. Just substitute your keyword in the field in the following URL:

For instance, if you wanted to be alerted every time a user uploaded a video to YouTube that contained the keyword ‘Manchester’ in the title, then this is the URL you will need:

Want an alert for more than one keyword? Just leave a space between the two words. For instance, if I wanted an alert for new videos that featured the keywords ‘Manchester City’, my feed URL would be: city.rss

Tagged Keywords: If the keyword isn’t mentioned in the title, but the creator has still tagged the video using that term then use the following URL, swapping out ‘Manchester’ for your preferred word:

#2 Create a Recipe in IFTTT From RSS Feed to Email

Now that you have your custom YouTube RSS Feed URL (or several) you can set up the alert via IFTTT. If you haven’t got an account with the site then go and sign up (it’s free!), then:

1. Open up your IFTTT dashboard and click on ‘My Recipes’, then ‘Create a Recipe’.

2. Click on the ‘this’ section of the ‘ifthisthenthat’ link.

3. Choose your Trigger Channel by typing in ‘Feed’. Then click on the ‘Feed’ icon. A new page will open that will ask you to choose a Trigger. Select “New Feed Item Matches’. Fill in the sections with your preferred keyword/s and RSS feed URL you have just created, and click on ‘Create Trigger’:

IFTTT Email alert

4. Now click on the ‘that’ part of the ‘ifthisthenthat’ link, and choose your ‘Action Channel‘. For this recipe we are going to use Gmail, but you could choose another email channel, or SMS, or another method of notification. Click on the Gmail icon, then ‘Send an Email’. You can customize the subject and body text, or leave as is. Click on ‘Create Action’.

ifttt email recipe

5. You’ll get an overview of your recipe before actually creating it. As you can see, the site confirms that an email is triggered to a chosen Gmail address when the RSS feed picks up the keyword ‘Manchester’ from a newly uploaded YouTube video.

ifttt recipe creator

It works pretty quickly. Within 4 minutes I had received 35 alerts for YouTube videos uploaded in real-time to YouTube that featured the keyword ‘Manchester’:

IFTTT YouTube Manchester RSS

ReelSEO Top Tip: Don’t go too generic with keywords otherwise you will be slammed with email alerts. Remember, there are at least 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute and your inbox may never forgive you if you create email alerts for keywords like ‘real estate’ or ‘fluffy kittens’.

We hope this tip helps you keep tabs on your brand or industry. Let us know in the comments below the ways you keep track of your company or channel.


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