Scrooge Yourself – Free Holiday Viral Video Promotion

Scrooge Yourself – Free Holiday Viral Video Promotion

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Scrooge Yourself is this year’s version of OfficeMax’s popular free video to spread the holiday jeer. Last year the retailer had a huge hit with “Elf Yourself” and the new version is creating a similar result.

Really, what OfficeMax is doing is providing a medium to allow you to create a personal message or brand yourself. Like Elf Yourself, Scrooge Yourself is a pre-formatted video that you can personalize yourself.

First, you find a picture you would like to replace Scrooge’s face with. They created an easy way to upload that picture’s image with the one you want to promote. It simply superimposes itself over Scrooge’s face. To replace Scrooge’s face with yours just use a picture of yourself.

Using last year’s Elf Yourself (great name), you have the opportunity to call a toll free number and leave a personal message. Here is the big opportunity. Call in and leave a message informing people about your business or practice. Give details on how they can benefit from your products or services.

Most successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales people and others have a great elevator speech. Sometimes it’s referred to as the USP or (unique selling proposition) that summarizes in under a minute what you do, how you help others or how someone benefits from working with you.

Why not unwrap that little talk and add a bit holiday flavor and flair to Elf Yourself. That’s right, call in with your USP in a manner that would want to have someone contact you.

If your not comfortable with that strategy then just be yourself. Consider it a free easy to use method to create a viral holiday message to market your greatest asset – you.

For instance, call in and create a message thanking your clients, customers, patients or prospects for their support and patronage. Alternatively, call in and simply wish everyone happy holidays.

These are just some ideas to get you started. It’s free so for best results, why not try all of these tactics and whatever else you can think of use Scrooge Yourself to help yourself this Holiday Season.

During the Holiday Season it’s fun to be festive and spend time spreading cheer. That’s what makes this marketing video so much to personalize and share. So go Scrooge Yourself and experience it for yourself.

Better yet, go Elf Yourself! ;-) They had to know we would use it that way.

If you do make this video please share it with us and tell the us how you Scrooged or Elfed Yourself. Here’s Mine


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