Education Videos Are Ridiculously Fun On YouTube With Vlog Bros, VSauce, & CGPGrey

Education Videos Are Ridiculously Fun On YouTube With Vlog Bros, VSauce, & CGPGrey

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Recently, YouTube announced their new educational channel lineup as part of their original channel initiative.  No doubt, learning is going to be more fun than it ever was when I was a kid.  But YouTube already has at least three channels that educate and inform in an entertaining way, and none of those are part of the original channels, although one channel I’m going to talk about, the “Vlog Brothers” did actually get new, separate channels.  The Vlog Brothers, VSauce, and CGPGrey are all excellent channels that make you feel smart and laugh all at once.

Debunking Myths & Answering Life’s Mysteries In 5 Minutes Or So

I really love VSauce.  Host Michael will pop into the frame and then take a particular topic, like déjà vu, and break it down: how it happens, myths concerning it, and even other experiences that are related to it:

And the VSauce2 channel, with host Kevin, also has some great stuff.  They scour the Internet for interesting things you can find, basically serving as cross-promoters:

And how about a hodgepodge of Internet goodies, complete with riddles:

You could spend all day on VSauce and VSauce2.  Almost everything they produce is excellent, your brain gets a nice workout, and you’ll laugh a bunch too.

Meanwhile, the Vlog Brothers, Hank and John Green, have made very interesting blogs just by being talking heads spouting all sorts of facts and figures.  One of last year’s big YouTube hits concerned a Honey Badger, and the Vlog Brothers were there to give us the absolute truth about them, and it’s still funny:

They also have a fantastic new channel as part of the YouTube original lineup called Crash Course.  This episode talks about the fascinating subject of water, something you may not have known was that fascinating:

And their other original channel, SciShow, is a mixed bag of goodies.  This one features Wheezy Waiter talking about bad science in movies, and Hank talks about bird flu and sounds human ears had never heard until recently:

I love all of these shows, but CGPGrey might be my favorite, just because of the straight-laced, quick delivery of facts.  Like, for instance, I have always wondered what the difference between the UK, Great Britain, and just plain ol’ England was:

And this animal misconceptions video is just all kinds of awesome:

And other common misconceptions, explained and debunked:

After that misconceptions video, John Green took to the Vlog Brothers site and made his own misconceptions video:

All of these guys obviously have great respect for one another, and it shows in how they present their material.  Very laid back, and it doesn’t come off super nerdy or know-it-all.  But most importantly, these shows are well-researched, presenting facts that have been documented, encouraging people to think on their own, rather than accepting status quo explanations for all aspects of life.

These are all great channels that you should take a look at sometime.  You’ll be on these channels for hours, and feel so much smarter for having done so.

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