Unruly’s Dynamic Creative Optimization Boosts Nissan’s Social Video Ad Engagement 83%

Unruly’s Dynamic Creative Optimization Boosts Nissan’s Social Video Ad Engagement 83%

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Back in September, David Waterhouse, Unruly’s Head of Content, sent me a press release about his company launching a new technology called, “Dynamic Creative Optimization,” or DCO. This proprietary technology is supposed to dramatically increase a brand’s campaign performance by automatically selecting which video ad to display to a target audience. The selection is based on viewer behavior and the campaign’s KPIs.

Now, I like Waterhouse and I love Unruly’s Viral Video Chart. But I told him, “Let me know when you’ve got a customer who has used this new DCO technology and then I’ll write about it.” I know, I know, I was being a hardass. But the tough love is necessary. I’ve been in the technology industry since The Soul of a New Machine was published back in 1981 and I’ve been burned by bright shiny objects before.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when David contacted me again last week to say that he had a customer who had used Unruly’s new DCO technology and was willing to talk about the results. So, I dug out my notes from September and sat down over the weekend to put this story together.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for Social Video & MEME

Let’s start by looking at Unruly’s new DCO technology. It allows brands to change content without going back to the production phase and can help them spend campaign distribution budgets in the most efficient way.

When activated, the technology chooses which of the brand’s multiple videos to show based on how the content is performing against the brand’s objectives, whether that’s to drive awareness, advocacy, action or attention. Powered by Unruly’s on-demand analytics and big data processing system, it provides instant feedback on consumer interactions, shares, completion rates and clickthroughs. As soon as one video is racing ahead of the others, that video is played for a higher proportion of time.

The highest performing creative is selected based on algorithms within Unruly’s MEME (Media Engagement and Measurement Engine) proprietary technology platform, which supports live updating of creative assets. The data is analyzed every 10 seconds, ensuring that campaign performance is measured in real-time.

Matthew Cooke, Unruly’s Co-Founder and CTO, explains,

“Dynamic Creative Optimization is already hugely successful in online display advertising; we’re pleased to be bringing its dramatic impact on campaign performance data to social video advertising.”

Get it? Got it? Good.

Optimizing Nissan’s UK Social Video Campaign for Juke

Next, let’s check out the results of one of the first deployments of Unruly’s new DCO video player technology.

According to Unruly, Nissan’s recent UK campaign for its Juke model deployed DCO to realize a significant increase in user engagement. Powered by Unruly’s CUPID algorithm, DCO matched content with the automobile marketer’s audience by analyzing multiple creative executions for a social video campaign and serving the video that best performed against the advertiser’s campaign objectives.

*Note, the campaign was run within the Unruly Social Video Player.

Lewis Young, Digital Account Manager for Nissan at Manning Gottlieb OMD, says,

“Unruly’s new Dynamic Creative Optimization technology helped our recent campaign achieve some of the strongest levels of engagement we’ve seen from social video.  It took the guesswork out of choosing which creative to run, and we were delighted with the 83% uplift in completion rates.

Unruly’s Zeidman said,

“Dynamic Creative Optimization can be delivered against a broad range of KPIs, helping clients run efficient, successful campaigns that maximize ROI.  It is the latest of many new features, plug-ins and functionality enhancements that Unruly is developing to serve brands and their agencies at the cutting edge of social video advertising technology.”

He added, “In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a large number of game-changing features that will make social video advertising more versatile, flexible and measurable for our customers and more engaging for consumers.”

What Does This Means for Marketers & Video Producers?

Finally, let’s discuss what this means to internet marketers and video content producers. We’ve come a long way since 2006, when the only video marketing strategy was to cross your fingers and hope your video would “go viral.” Now, you can use biometric testing, eye-tracking, and consumer/blogger focus groups to predict the share-ability of video content.

And with the advent of dynamic creative optimization for social video advertising, you can use algorithms to automatically marry your best-performing video content with your campaign’s KPIs, including shareability, dwell time and interactions with the content. Although dynamic creative optimization has been a staple in standard display advertising for years, it hasn’t been as broadly applied to video or social video until this fall.

This doesn’t “guarantee” success. But it does increase the odds of your being successful dramatically.


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