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Donald Trump Knows How to Promote, But Not on YouTube

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Welcome to another episode in an occasional series of YouTube channel reviews. In this series, we take a  comprehensive look behind-the-scenes at a big brand, personality, or YouTube superstar to see what content is working for them, how regularly they are publishing it, and what they are doing to promote it.

For this episode, we turn our attention to the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign, and focus on one of the most talked about candidates, Donald Trump. He is one of the most media-savvy runners in the race, but when it comes to using video to promote his campaign and policies, he’s strangely reticent. Join us as we take a deep-dive into the official Donald Trump for President channel on YouTube.

Donald Trump: YouTube Channel Strategy

Donald Trump was a big-name brand in America long before he decided to stand for President, and has always had one eye on the main chance when it comes to self-promotion. He is the king of the soundbite but has The Trump missed a huge trick when it comes to YouTube? His team aren’t uploading enough video content, and they certainly aren’t optimising or promoting it well. Take a look at my YouTube channel review and see for yourself.

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In this video we’ll be looking at the YouTube channel of presidential candidate Donald Trump based on my Four Pillars of YouTube Success…starting with Content.


Donald Trump has 39 videos on his YouTube channel, some of which I assume are good videos. But when you compare that to the other candidates on YouTube it’s not that huge. Taking a closer look at his tiny handful of videos you’ll see that he has a number of them on the issues, live speeches, a how-to section, and an Ivanka section? I should also mention that I have John Oliver’s plugin installed, so that’s why his content has been Drumphed.


On the optimization side, Trump’s thumbnails are not great. Looks like we caught him in the middle of a full on Trump dump. But how are his keywords? “I have the best words” We’ll see about that. This is what I found for many of his videos. No words. That’s why you don’t see Donald Trump’s own videos ranking very well. Not even for his campaign slogan.


On the promotion side we already talked about his well organized channel page and playlists, but how does he promote his channel on his website? Looks like he doesn’t. There’s no link to YouTube in the footer, and he doesn’t embed relevant videos on pages where he clearly has a complimentary video. It’s almost like he’s built a wall between his website and YouTube channel.


On the community side Trump’s channel has 23 thousand comments. I tried to read through some…. I even found his most popular video has had comments completely disabled. What I was most surprised to learn is that the majority of Trump’s videos have more likes than dislikes. I didn’t see that coming, but I was able to guess which video had the highest percentage of dislikes…


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