Dollar Shave Club Is Back with One Wipe Charlies

Dollar Shave Club Is Back with One Wipe Charlies

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Dollar Shave Club made one of the best online ads ever last year with “Our Blades Are F***ing Great.”  The ad currently has 10 million views, and I sometimes just go back to watch it to get a quick laugh.  It never fails.  For the last year, that was their only ad, however.  Of course, when you make one as monumentally successful as that one, there’s not much need to do another, unless that same company decides to put out another product.  Dollar Shave Club is now selling, to their members, something for their backside.

It’s Called One Wipe Charlies

This ad may have material some find offensive:

Once again, we have an ad that puts CEO Michael Dubin in a stream-of-consciousness walk through some surreal situations and sight gags.  You’ve got to love the way they go about these ads: most brands would be afraid to put such content anywhere, even on YouTube.  But being a little bit more edgy has served them well.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Dollar Shave Club,” here’s their great ad for razors last year:

This approach is obviously not for everyone.  If you have some sort of family image to uphold, doing an ad like this is probably not up your alley.  But it can be a totally effective approach if that kind of thing isn’t a concern.  And, I have something to watch when I need a good laugh.


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