How to Develop Fresh Ideas for Creative Video Content [Creator’s Tip #55]

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip, Josh Rimer, a popular YouTube comedian and song parody producer (, talks to us about how he developed his creative process and in particular, how he goes about coming up with fresh ideas for his video content on an ongoing basis.

4 Tips for Developing Fresh Video Content Ideas

1. Pay attention to what’s working with your audience.  It’s often difficult working through what is good and what is not when it come to ideas for video content.  Many creators put up everything whether it is good or not.  That is a good way to learn, but it’s also a very slow way to grow subscribers.

2. Create a structured schedule.  Not only will this make it easier for you to plan content, but it will let your subscribers know what to expect from your channel.

3. Find ways you can utilize an idea for more than one video.  For example, Josh will produce a video of the song parodies, a Q&A video, a behind the scenes video and a a final video where he performs live.  With this structure he essentially has one video that requires a lot of work to come up with and put together and the others are supplemental videos that provide good content for his subscribers but are easy for him to produce.

4. Utilize a creative team to come up with ideas.  Make sure you have a group of people – friends, family, etc that you can bounce ideas off of to help brainstorm good ideas for your content.  This will not only help you to come up with more unique ideas but this way you have individuals that can help let you know if an idea is good or not.

QUESTION (please comment Below) ►What does your creative process look like and how do you push through creative roadblocks? 

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On this week’s Creator’s Tip Josh Rimer gives a look at his creative process and how he comes up with ideas for content for his videos.

Hey guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another Creator’s Tip video, where every week we here at ReelSEO help you guys just make content that’s
awesome and help you know how to make it stand out on the web.

This is Mr. Josh Rimer and why don’t you just tell us real quick about your YouTube channel and what you do.

Okay. I do song parodies. Now, I am strictly doing song parodies and things that relate to my song parodies.

Some of the stuff he does is really super creative. How do you come up with your ideas? What’s your process for kind of working through all the fluff and
the junk and the bad ideas to get to the stuff that you’re like, “Ah, this is awesome! This is going to be really good!” What’s that process look like for

Well, at first I was just doing all the junk. Like anything that came into my head, I was just like trying it out on YouTube and just throwing out lots of
crap. Which is a good way to learn, but it’s also a good way to slowly grow your subscribers. So then I finally figured out what was really
working, what really stuck for me. It was sort of my parodies that are sort of more like pushing the envelope kind of parodies.


So now, I’ve stuck with that and I’ve created a structured weekly schedule. And so I’ve really tried to structure myself and be more firm with what I’m
doing, so people know when they subscribe what they’re getting into.

Do you have like a list where you keep ideas and you scratch them off? Or do you just kind of like whatever ideas come you’re like , “Oh, this is a good
idea, but there’s a way I can make this better,” and that’s what the process looks like, or is it both of those?

Now, it’s a lot more of—because I’m doing song parodies—looking at what’s going up in the charts, what’s kind of new, just come in and rising. And thinking
if I can think of something that’s really funny that rhymes with the title of the song, and kind of going from there.

Cool. How about for our creators who are watching this, when they hit that creative block? And they’re like, “Oh, I need a video this week, but I just
can’t think of anything.” Have you hit that wall before?

I have. I hit it more when I didn’t for sure have a set idea of what I’m doing. Because now, my first week is the parodies; second week is Q & A, third
week is behind the scenes; fourth is I do it live in the Apple Store. So it makes it a lot easier because I know exactly what’s coming up and when. And I
can plan my song parody, which is the hardest part, like a month in advance. And the Q & A is easy. Behind the scenes is easy. It makes it a lot easier
when I’ve got like three simple ones and one harder one.

That’s really a good idea, because actually you have one idea, but you make four videos from it.


And so you keep the content going. But then your audience actually knows what to expect, what’s coming next and that kind of thing, too. So it’s not like
totally unpredictable content all the time.


For someone else, who isn’t doing it that way; do you have any other ideas for how you break that creative block?

Well, you know for me, I always had too many ideas and not enough time or resources to do them all.

He’s lucky!

Yes. That wasn’t really a problem for me, but it helps to work with other people. Alright? If you can have a little team of people, then it’s so much
easier to just brainstorm. I come up with ideas from my friends all the time, right? It’s hard when you’re by yourself.

Yeah. One of the things I’ve found that helps for me, is like I keep a running list in my phone in Evernote, because like I’ll have the best ideas at the
worst times, like when I’m driving or whatever. And so I just like pull out my phone; I just type it in there and like I come back to it later. And then
sometimes I say like, “This is a good idea. I forgot about this one. These two ideas work really well together,” and I have a better idea than I had


Just keeping like any little thing that comes to mind; I put a document in and I keep it.

Or you see something and you’re like, “What was I thinking? That’s not funny.”

Yeah, like, “I’m so glad I did not do that idea.” Can you just tell us real quick where your channel is and where we can find you on YouTube and other

It’s Josh Rimer, so, or and that’s where I do all my crazy song parodies.


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