Best Branded Viral Video Campaign – Dermablend Pro Tattoo Coverage

Best Branded Viral Video Campaign – Dermablend Pro Tattoo Coverage

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Demonstration of a product or service is still one of the best ways for brands to get the attention of the viewers–they want to see for themselves that what’s being advertised works as well as claimed. And as online video grows and evolves in capability and technology, it’s fun seeing how creative and innovative some brands can be with demonstrating their product.

Dermablend Pro Covers The Competition

Dermablend Pro is a make-up company. Specifically, they make a coverage product that is recommended by dermatologists. In other words, you can use their product to cover up blemishes and other imperfections in your skin.

So to demonstrate their product in action–to show that it really can cover up the things consumers might want to cover up–they took on a pretty serious challenge to cover up one of the most tattooed individuals in online culture: Zombie Boy.

Zombie Boy’s real name is Rico Genest, and he was discovered on Facebook by Lady Gaga’s stylist. Nearly his entire body is covered in tattoos, including his face, chest, neck, and arms. There might not be a better test subject for this kind of video.

As an added twist to the demonstration video format, Dermablend decided to go backwards, to help maximize the impact their product is able to make. Check it out:

Over 2 million views for a brand that many average consumers aren’t even aware of? Yeah, I think they’ll take that, call it a viral success, and call it a day. I sure would.

The video is part of a larger overall campaign the company is running called Go Behind The Cover. you can check out for more on the project–there’s even some great Facebook-based discussion being encouraged on the site as well.

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