Delve Delves Into Your Pocket for Self-Service Video

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See full size imageDelve Networks has opened a new self-service, pay-via-credit-card billing option for their video platform aimed at business users. Now you can go from zero to online video hero in a matter of minutes.

The new option means you can sign-up, pay and have video on your company site within a matter of minutes without having to go through a lengthy and time-consuming sales cycle. However, you will pay for this feature as the Standard Package begins at $249 per month giving you drag and drop content management, brandable players, encoding, metrics player API and the Delve Ad Server.

But $249 a month for only 20GB of bandwidth and 5GB of storage space is pricey to say the least. Plus if you want any of the other packages you have to speak with a sales person and pricing for those packages is not readily available.

Delve also offers Professional, Premier and Enterprise packages of its Online Video Platform for customers that require advanced options beyond those offered in the Standard Package. If you’re interested in checking out all of their features you can sign-up for a 30-day free trial here.

The ability to simply sign-up, pay and go is a great idea. But the pricing on the package is borderline ridiculous when you consider what the costs for delivery are. One month will cost you five times what other places are charging and will give you limited storage space and bandwidth. It doesn’t seem like a good deal to us. Really there’s no feature that places them above and beyond anything that others are offering at a lower price. It does offer some well-integrated analytics and it can be integrated with Google Analytics, Nielsen and Omniture (no word on ComScore or others). It also gives you XML-based customization of the player but again, that’s not a differentiator in my eyes.

Overall you could probably save a lot of money by going somewhere else and not using your credit card to get instant access. Unless they manage to create some serious separation from the rest of the video platforms they will probably not draw as many clients as they are hoping for.  Of course, they just annouced the program, so we’ll see how it changes as time goes on.

UPDATE: 7/30/2009

Well, it looks like they have made some changes based off this and other feedback and it is good news.  Here is what I received via email

I wanted to let you know that based on customer feedback we have made some changes to our Standard Package. Our customers have spoken and Delve listened. We have increased our offer to include 200GB of video delivery or about 35,000 streams. We think that this segment of the market understands the metric “streams” better than they do gigabytes delivered.

In addition, this package still offers features unmatched by our competitors: slick user interface to manage your videos, the Delve Ad Server, a Player designer with many player templates to choose from and viral features like sharing via email and embed codes.

We think this new offer better position us to serve customers in this segment of the market.

Thanks Delve


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