Bandwidth Aware Mobile Video Ads with GoldSpot

Bandwidth Aware Mobile Video Ads with GoldSpot

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Normally, if you’re on a mobile phone, you don’t want to be bothered with video ads. On top of that, most big networks are now going to bandwidth capping, even on their so-called ‘unlimited’ data plans. So the last thing you want is advertising to be taking up any big chunk of that monthly bandwidth. Even worse, you don’t want to be seen as the company whose advertising is both taking up bandwidth and costing consumers money. Enter GoldSpot Media who is ready to roll out bandwidth-aware mobile video advertising. I like the sound of this.

Basically, what GoldSpot Media has done is create an ad network that is able to determine if a handset is connected to the Internet via a mobile data connection, or Wi-Fi. For those on the latter, you get the video ads, because it doesn’t take up any of that precious, and pricey, mobile data plan. For those on the mobile data connection, you’ll just see a simple rotating banner.

Ingenious really, one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ ideas. With more and more big mobile networks moving toward more anti-consumer practices like speed limiting on ‘unlimited’ accounts and drastic bandwidth reductions, to as low as 256Kbps, this is almost going to be a requirement.

The whole platform is stated to be an, “Open HTML5 rich media platform for mobile,” and offers universal distribution to mobile devices and tablets.

GoldSpot Media, a 2011 CTIA E-Tech Awards finalist, who raised $12M in Series B funding a year ago, started in 2007.

The idea behind this is that not only will the ads be better targeted but the ROI will go up as the people who see the video, will actually see the video. On a mobile data connection, even 4G, often users will tire of waiting for something to load, especially an ad, and simply navigate away. With GoldSpot’s bandwidth-aware ads, it would only show a banner, at a lower CPM, and if the user clicks the banner they would then see the video (thereby justifying the higher CPM). Additionally, the higher CPM video ads should have a higher viewing rate because they will load faster on the Wi-Fi connections meaning that they won’t be lost views, such as when a user navigates away, but the video ad began to load.

On top of all that, like you need more reasons to see how cool this tech is, users on Wi-Fi are generally more stationary and willing to sit through something that they might not be ready to when on the go and a mobile data connection. They also offer opt-in by device and geo-targeting.

According to TechCrunch:

GoldSpot is now licensing the bandwidth-based technology to advertisers, agencies, and publishers. It works across ad networks, and provides consolidated performance reporting.

I’m sure we’ll see more about GoldSpot Media in the very near future.


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