Dailymotion Supports Open Video Formats

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Dailymotion, you know, the video entertainment site where you can share your videos on pretty much almost any topic, is now accepting Open Video formats and HTML tags.

Thanks to Mozilla the site will now support Ogg video files and is the first major video site to incorporate the HTML video tags that will be supported by the Firefox 3.5 beta and HTML 5. They’ll also begin encoding Official and Motionmaker videos in Ogg.

Now they aren’t just going to roll this out because there’s tons of things to take into account. So they’re giving you the tools to play around…I mean to seriously test it out. They’re actually calling it pre-beta in their normal easy-going way.

The pre-beta lets you test out their HTML 5 player and the HTML video tag. You can check out the demo here http://www.dailymotion.com/openvideodemo but you’ll need the Firefox 3.5 beta installed to view it.

Dailymotion will actually re-encode pre-existing inventory on the site to Ogg to make it all fully compliant with the Open Video standard and HTML 5 video tag. that’s a heck of a lot of work if you think about it. They state they will have around 300,000 Ogg videos done by the end of the 3rd quarter this year.

Check out this cool, customized, embedded player of an amazing goal.

Il miglior gol indoor di sempre
Uploaded by HeroHiro – Basketball, baseball, pro wrestling and more sports videos.
But Chris, what’s so amazing about that?
Well my friends, it’s a really awesome goal, no? Ok, so maybe this embedded example isn’t Flash free, but if you go to the link above with the required browser you’ll see there’s no Flash and it’s all HTML, that means boosted SEO, no proprietary technology and a potential for easier advertising.
Now there may be some degradation of quality due to their using Ogg, Theora + Vorbis but I’m sure it’s temporary. As interest in the Open Video Standard increases it will mean interest in those codecs will as well and more developers and number-crunching gurus will get involved and help make the codecs top notch.
You can read more about watching video at Dailymotion without Flash at their blog entry on it.


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