Exclusive: Dailymotion Launches Matchbox Curation Tool For Publishers

Exclusive: Dailymotion Launches Matchbox Curation Tool For Publishers

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Dailymotion, one of the world’s leading video portals with over 2.5 Billion video views per month, are launching their newest media tool for online publishers, the Matchbox Widget. The feature will allow publishers to automatically add contextually relevant videos to individual pages on their site from Dailymotion’s extensive library of HD premium content. The multimedia plugin will select video content from tens of thousands of Dailymotion premium content providers like Fox and Yahoo News and make that available to the readers of any blog or other online outlet. Video results are served based on Dailymotion’s proprietary search algorithm so the results are also relevant to each individual page. Implementing the free widget means publishers can enjoy instant revenue generation from CPM income as well as increased page views and engagement.

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Dailymotion believe there is an unprecedented demand for video content and publishers will be able to fully customize the widget to suit their needs – from single video, to carousel to jukebox style. Different languages are also available making the feature suitable for a global audience. The widget is also fully optimised for mobile devices, an increasingly important attribute in today’s second screen crazy world.

Upon sign up, the publisher is given access to a control panel where they can generate a unique code for a simple embed on their site which confirms their format, targeting and content options. Video content can also be pre-filtered to limit results to specific users, languages, groups, playlists or channels and can be manually controlled at the publisher’s discretion. The syndication key tracks all activity and revenue generated on the publisher’s account.

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John Cornett, Senior Manager of Business Development for Dailymotion said of the new publisher tool:

Dailymotion Publisher Network’s new Matchbox widget is light weight, seamless and profitable for publishers to automatically embed relevant video content for their audiences. Products like Matchbox for our publishing business offer expanded opportunities for more global partners to create new revenue channels.

Publishers that use the tool to serve video ads will enjoy a revenue share for all referred traffic via the customise syndication tool.

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The Matchbox widget has already been implemented by Star Media and is available on each article within their Premium Channels network. Josep Sole, Portal Director for Star Media confirmed that the new publishing tool is:

significantly contributing to increased audience engagement and page views on our digital properties. Personalized, value-added content has helped us to increase and retain a larger audience.

You can see the widget in action on this page:

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.16.45 AM

The widget is available now. For further information, please visit Dailymotion Matchbox.

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