DailyMotion Expands Video Discovery, Localization and Player Features

DailyMotion Expands Video Discovery, Localization and Player Features

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DailyMotion is working on implementing better ways for their users to discover video content on DailyMotion. Apparently, what they had just wasn’t working (which might explain their serious lack of stringency in what is acceptable as a view, having just scraped the bottom of the barrel in the latest TubeMogul research on the matter). They’re introducing things that are aimed at helping users find what they’re looking for on the site.

New DailyMotion Video Discovery Methods

So they have channels and featured videos and groups.You can favorite videos and share them and it’s all tied into Facebook of course.

New ways to discover content that they’re working on include:

  • Personal recommendations
  • Hubs – Which are like channels but are based on more specific personal interests. Really it sounds like they’ll be based on some sort of tagging system which will include “peoples, places, entities.”
  • Related videos – based on their own in-house algorithms originally, but now using TheFilter for a year to 18 months.

So essentially they’re adding another layer to their rather stringent category structure of channels which only includes 16 channels presently. Gee, 16 options isn’t enough choice for video viewers?

Yawn! It’s not all that interesting really. What would be interesting is if they were to reveal how many of their “internal Omniture counted over 1 billion views per month” are coming from refreshes, embeds, replays per session and autoplay remote embeds. Now thatwould be some seriously interesting information.

New DailyMotion Video Player Features

Speaking of that. On the player side of things they’ve also incorporated some tools right into it like sharing on Facebook and Twitter and exporting of hotspots, which they say is important for embed and offsite views.

They’re also working on an HTML5 version of their player, which you can check out a demo of here (there are some really cool HTML5 effects).

DailyMotion Expands Localization

In localization news they’ve recently done a couple more expansions including service now in Australia ( a lot of localization there eh mate?) and Morocco for a total of about 15 countries now. They’re helping drive that by reaching out to local content providers for each region to expand the local offerings for those users.


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