Holidays on YouTube: Cyber Monday Views Increase by 24% Year on Year

Holidays on YouTube: Cyber Monday Views Increase by 24% Year on Year

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With the frenzy of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we can confirm how content around those major tentpole events resonated with viewers on YouTube by comparing  November 2017 to November 2018 in terms of views. Using exclusive data, we can verify that views of Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Food, and Black Friday were all up compared to the same time period last year – here are the top-level numbers:


  • Cyber Monday content uploaded to YouTube in November 2018 generated 46.4M views – an increase of 24% on November 2017
  • Thanksgiving content uploaded to YouTube in November 2018 generated 359M views – an increase of 108% on November 2017
  • Thanksgiving Food content uploaded to YouTube in November 2018 generated 19M views – an increase of 7.3% on November 2017
  • Black Friday content uploaded to YouTube by brands in November 2018 generated 274M views – an increase of 12% on November 2017

Cyber Monday: Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

We’ve given you the high level numbers but which brand videos generated the most views around Cyber Monday on YouTube? Interestingly, both of the most watched videos were from outside the US, proving that Cyber Monday is a true phenomenon around the world. Topping the list is this upload from Amazon Mexico which attracted a V3 (that’s views with the first 3 days of publishing) of 10.3M.

With a V3 of 8.1M, Brazilian retail giant Americanas also generated incredible views for their jaunty Cyber Monday ad.

When it comes to most viewed Cyber Monday videos from media and entertainment companies, TV stars shone through the noise with uploads repurposed from their broadcasted shows. Of course, the amazing Ellen makes an appearance with her annual kick-off of shows that celebrate her viewers and lavishes gifts on those lucky enough to be in her audience. This clip generated a V3 of 197K views.

Over on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel, this 7:48 minute Cyber Monday round-up clip from the show generated 182K views in 3 days.

Black Friday: Most Viewed Brand/Media Videos on YouTube

Another Americanos branded video generated the top views around Black Friday with a V3 of 5.3M on YouTube. While Hulu‘s Black Friday promotion has generated 6.6M views to date, with a V3 of 2.1M

Groupon also got in on the act with this video which generated a V3 of 9.2M

YouTube: Viewers Love Thanksgiving Food Content

While Thanksgiving is a key tentpole event when is comes to views on YouTube, there are several topics around the holiday which create enormous interest. It’s no surprise that Food is one of them, as viewers turn to the platform for recipe ideas, and walkthroughs. Now we all know that Turkey is THE number one food group for millions who celebrate Thanksgiving, but this upload from vegetarian food manufacturer, Quorn Foods USA, generated a very impressive 2.5M views with a plea to try this veggie ‘roast’ instead.

We Thanksgiving food comes Thanksgiving leftovers (the best part, am I right?) and food publisher So Yummy didn’t disappoint with its 4 scrumptious leftover hacks which generated a V3 of of 966K YouTube views.



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