Videos That Didn’t Make The Cut – Other YouTube Hits From 2011

Videos That Didn’t Make The Cut – Other YouTube Hits From 2011

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One day, I hope, YouTube will make better filters for their site so that almost any search will be relevant to your needs.  For instance, the following is a list of videos that I had to use mad search skills to find.  You’d think two simple filters could be used on YouTube like “Most Views” and “By Year” but YouTube doesn’t have a “Yearly” filter.  They only have daily, weekly, and all-time filters.  That’s a curious omission.  Still, I endeavored to find those videos that come after the top 10 of 2011, and I found some good results, some videos that were great that didn’t make the cut.

With 37 million being the Top 10’s lowest view count, I looked for the ones that went just under that amount and came up with a comprehensive list.  There are probably some I missed, and I had to cut my own list off at 19 million views.  Still, this is fun viewing.  We have another Lonely Island video here, an awesome display of firepower from FPS Russia, a ton of musical parody and slapstick videos, and yes, a baby laughing at something we adults take for granted.

This goes in somewhat of a particular order, but the view count can occasionally jump at a moment’s notice, so this is sort of the order I found them in.

Just Missing The Cut, #1: Baby Laughing Hysterically At Ripping Paper

Uploaded January 24, this video took in over 32 million views and it’s another cute baby laughing his head off.

Just Missing The Cut, #2: Einstein Vs. Stephen Hawking – Epic Rap Battles #7

This might be my personal favorite out of the whole bunch.  It’s a funny tune with great wit from Nice Peter.  Uploaded March 30, this also landed over 32 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #3: Rebecca Black “Friday” – Brock’s Dub

This parody video makes the (#1 watched) Rebecca Black video mind-numbingly literal and points out it’s inane lyrics just by repeating them without a melody.  Some bad language. Uploaded March 21, it nailed over 33 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #4: The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger – Original Narration By Randall

This one goes out to commenter Jorge Lorenzo Mabarek, who mentioned this in the Top 10 article.  This is a really, really, funny video taking a nature show and dubbing new “fabulous” narration, but it has some very bad language and you’ve been warned.  Uploaded January 18, this cleared 27 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #5: Nice Guys

YouTube sensation Nigahiga made this funny music video about treating girls like crap, so you can get the girl.  Uploaded May 31, this clocked in at over 28 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #6: 3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga)

Like most of The Lonely Island SNL Digital Shorts, this hilarious music video featuring Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga stormed YouTube shortly after its airing.  The Lonely Island has 2 videos in the Top 10 of 2011, and this one was close.  Some bad language.  Uploaded May 21, this knocked out over 28 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #7: David Guetta MegaMix (With Me And David Guetta)

“Me” refers to YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill, and this video, with David Guetta, collected over 25 million views with Keenan going through a “mix” of lip-synching.  It was uploaded on January 24.

Just Missing The Cut, #8: YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Probably the biggest hit of the fall, Jimmy Kimmel got parents to play a mean prank on their kids the day after Halloween, telling them they ate all the candy.  The reactions are both heartbreaking, and funny.  Uploaded November 2, it got over 25 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #9: Mataram a Formiguinha – Que Do

A bit of a sad one, actually.  A kid is upset that his brother killed his ant.  If anything, you’ll know what a “Formiguinha” is after watching this Portuguese-language, English-translated video.  Uploaded April 26, this hit 25 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #10: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Hitting #2 in 2011’s top YouTube ads of 2011 (covered here by Greg Jarboe), T-Mobile’s branded shout-out to the Royal Wedding was uploaded April 15 and was seen over 25 million times.

Just Missing The Cut, #11: Angry Birds Rio Trailer

Angry Birds is a phenomenon everywhere it goes.  And when it teamed up with 20th Century Fox to make a game tied into the animated movie Rio, they had a viral hit on YouTube.  Uploaded on January 27, this video has over 23 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #12: SONGS IN REAL LIFE!!

What if everything you did could be expressed with hit songs?  That’s what Steve Kardynal did with this video and subsequent series, launched February 5 and collecting over 20 million views.

Just Missing The Cut, #13:  “Revenge” A Minecraft Parody of Usher’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Crafted Using Noteblocks

Captain Sparklez scored a huge hit by combining the popular game Minecraft (something he does a lot along with much of YouTube Nation) with Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love,” into a parody hit.  Uploaded August 19, this cleared 20 million views.

Just Missing The Cut #14: AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

FPS Russia, one of those handful of overnight hit channels on YouTube, scored their biggest of 2011 with this demonstration of an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use shotgun.  Some bad language.  Uploaded April 25, this managed to score over 20 million views.

Just Missing The Cut #15: Daily Life Of Rustin Hieber

Our second video from Nigahiga is a parody video of Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” documentary that came out earlier in the year.  Uploaded February 22, 11 days after that movie was released, it has over 19 million views.

What videos were you surprised didn’t make the cut?  Comment below if you have any that you felt should have made it!


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