Custom YouTube Thumbs Finally Roll Out

Custom YouTube Thumbs Finally Roll Out

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This week on the Reel Web we look at the updates YouTube has made in the past week including the roll-out (finally) of custom thumbnails for all monetized users, some experimenting with mood-based video recommendations, their new politics destination channel and more.  Additionally, we cover recent survey results of viewers using Smart TVs.

YouTube Updates: Custom Thumbs, Playlists, Mobile Ads & More

Finally the long awaited custom thumbnails for YouTube partners are being rolled out.  Every week YouTube is expanding the ability to customize the thumbnails to those people who have normal monetized YouTube accounts.  If you do not have the ability yet keep a look out as you will have it soon.

While you are waiting for the thumbnail customization feature you do currently have access to a feature that allows you to add different videos and text as well as different videos into the playlists you are creating.  For example, if you have a playlist of videos that are important to you and the next video in the playlist is not your own – so you are not able to change it.  The feature allows you to add in an intro that your audience will see where you can give a synopsis of what they can expect to see in the video coming up.

YouTube now has the ability to have ads shown on mobile views.  This is mainly happening with Android phones currently.  Over the next several months we will see if the effect is an increase in revenue as the ads engage more mobile viewers or if mobile viewers are less tolerant of ads and will just skip it.

Another update on YouTube is the combination of the Creator Layout and Network Layout into the “Everything” layout.  This means you can now have all of your playlists displayed as well as other channels you feature so that you have the ability to combine everything.  They have also added an overview template that lets you see everything on your channel with all the content populated on different shelves to enable the viewer to choose what they want to see more of.

YouTube MoodWall & Related Videos Experimentation

As many people have noticed, YouTube is experimenting with how they show different related videos.  The results used to be a result of the search query that was entered whether it be a particular person, channel topic or niche.  Now it appears that they are showing content based on the mood of the content – scary, funny, epic, etc and showing similar videos with those guidelines.

The experimentation seems to be on a small level currently and is no way a definite indication of a direction YouTube will be going with the site in the future.  However, it is a good reminder for video creators to pay attention to tagging.  There should always be specific tags but it is also important to include the more generic tags such as ones that relate to feelings your video might evoke.

Smart TV Video Survey Results

New research recently came out showing how individuals across 14 different countries use their Smart TVs.  Of those polled, 18% said they watch online videos on their televisions daily and 25% of them say they watch online video through their televisions at least several times a week.  Even more interesting, it appears that people are more likely to watch advertising when they are watching online videos on their TVs than on their mobile devices.

Political Channels Available on YouTube

YouTube has recently created a channel that is specifically dedicated to politics.  With the presidential elections heating up it makes sense to have a channel that will show different sides of topics, political parties, debates and more.

QUESTION: What affect could showing related videos based on mood have for video creators?

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On this week’s look at The Reel Web we have an update for you guys who’ve been waiting a long time to have custom thumbnails come to your
channel. Also, YouTube is experimenting with a new way to show related videos against the content you’re watching. It has huge implications for how
we tag and the Meta data we write for our stuff here in YouTube. All that, and way much more is coming up this week on The Reel Web.

Hey Guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of The Reel Web where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video news
from the week before. And this week YouTube has a ton of stuff to talk about-starting with a little update about their custom thumbnails. I know a
lot of you guys have been waiting for that for a long time and they are finally rolling it out. We know of several people who just have normal, monetized
YouTube accounts, who do now have that custom thumbnail ability. And YouTube says now every single week they’re going to be expanding it to a larger
group of partners on YouTube. So you can expect that probably over the next two months or so that that feature will finally be coming to your channel.

But while you’re waiting for that feature to come to you in the next couple of weeks, there’s a new feature that you can play with in the
meantime, that lets you add different videos and text and different things between different videos in the playlist that you’re creating. So
let’s say you make a playlist about something that’s really important to you, but you kind of want to introduce the next video that’s
coming up. But you can’t change that video because it’s not your video. Let’s say you like one of our videos and you want to show your
audience. You would tell them something before our video starts playing. Now you can easily go back and insert your own video, your text or whatever you
want, just by using your webcam. Just right into that playlist there on YouTube, making it super simple for you to kind of introduce what’s coming up
and talk about what your audience is about to see.

Another update that was announced last week is the ability for there finally to be ads on mobile views-mostly just for Android right now. And I think
that’s part of what we talked about last week. While YouTube is probably okay with Apple saying, “We don’t want to make your app anymore
for our devices,” and Google is saying “Hey, that’s great! Now we can make it and put ads on our stuff on Android and IOS devices and
everywhere else.” So I’m really curious to see how this is going to influence revenue for those of us who are relying on our YouTube income.
It’s too early to tell exactly how viewers will engage with mobile advertising and that how might influence the potential revenue that we could make.
I would assume that overall our revenue must go up. However, it could be that people are much less tolerable of ads on mobile devices and much more likely
to skip, which means that the amount of money we make from mobile views might not warrant the annoyance that we’re giving our mobile viewers on that
platform. Or we could be making like tons more money because more people will be likely to engage because there’s less distraction around the video
like there are here on the YouTube desktop page. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens. I’d love to hear from you guys-comment
below. Do you think that the mobile views will be good for us in the long run and really definitely add to the revenue that we’re making? Or do you
think it will become just more of an annoyance for our mobile viewers and the money we make from it might not be worth it in the long run considering
ticking off our viewers?

Another update for YouTube channels is that the creator layout and the network layout have kind of been combined into the “Everything” layout.
So now you can have both all your playlists displayed as well as other channels you like to feature, kind of just mashing those two together. And
they’ve also added an overview template, which lets you kind of show like everything on your channel, including popular uploads, recent uploads,
videos you’ve liked. And all the content is populated on the different shelves so that when a viewer sees something they want to see more
of-like they want to see more of the videos that you like-they just click on that and it takes them to a full page showing them more videos
that you have liked. So if you kind of want a best of everything type of feel on your YouTube channel, this new layout might be one worth considering.

A lot of people have noticed that YouTube seems to be experimenting with how they show you different related videos to the content you’re watching.
It used to be that those results would kind of revolve around the search query that you looked for or maybe the person that you’re watching or the
channel topic or niche. But it seems like rather than being based around like actual search queries and content, now they’re experimenting with a
couple of people just privately on the site about what would look like if we showed videos based on the mood of the viewer?

So for example, if you’re one of the few that goes to YouTube, you start watching something and they randomly select you to show the different
related videos that are based around the mood of the video that you’re currently watching-whether it be funny or epic or strange or gross or
whatever it may be-then they will show different videos around that vibe along your video that you’re watching instead. It appears as if this
experiment is being done on a very small scale right now, and there’s nothing that even indicates that this could be exactly where YouTube wants to
go in the future or anything. It’s just something that we’ve seen that they’re playing with.

And I think that there are some major implications for those of us who are video creators and how we tag and title our stuff. You should already be using
very generic tags with your video content. I mean always start with your kind of more specific ones, but after you tag it through those, make sure you
include lots of generic ones, and this reinforces the fact that you should be using like, funny, gross, sad. Again, we have no idea if this experiment will
ever come to anything, but it does serve as a good reminder for us to use very specific tags as well as generic tags, and generic tags that evoke mood and
feeling of the video as well. I really want to hear from you guys. What do you think about YouTube showing related videos based on the vibe, based on the
emotion, rather than on the search query-the content that is actually in the video. Obviously, there are a lot of pros and cons each way and
I’d love to hear what you think they are. So comment below and let us know about what you think is going to happen with YouTube going all
psychoanalytical on us here.

Some interesting new research just came out that has enormous implications for those of us who are online video creators. They went and they polled
different consumers across 14 different countries and asked them about how they use their Smart TVs, their internet connected televisions. And 18% of them
said that they watched online videos on their TVs at least daily. 25% of them said that they watch online video on their Smart TV at least several times a
week. There’s more about that research linked up below-in the description below this video here on YouTube.

But there’s also another article linked up below that goes along with that, that says that people are very likely to watch advertising against online
video on their televisions, which would make sense because that’s a very welcoming place. We’re used to watching ads on our televisions, not so
much on our mobile devices as we’ve already talked about. So for those of us who are really wanting to make money, it might make sense to make sure
that our content is geared more for television watching, either through consoles or through Smart TVs more so than through mobile. But we really
don’t know what’s going to happen to mobile with online advertising, so we’ll just have to see what happens. But it’s interesting,
so make sure you keep internet connected TVs in the back of your mind as you’re making your content.

Two more links for you guys, real quick-they’re both linked up below this video. Go check them out. The first one is for those of you guys who
want to make YouTube your fulltime job, your career. There’s a panel discussion, a video down there about how people are doing that and what it looks
like. How advertising model works here on YouTube and everything you basically needs to know about how that works. So go check that one out.

The second one is about a YouTube channel that YouTube has created that is dedicated specifically just to politics. The Presidential election here in the
United States just keeps heating up and so they made, which is kind of the hub of all the politics stuff on YouTube, from all
different sides-different political parties, all the debates will be live streamed there. Everything that’s happening about politics around
this election you can find it all there from all different perspectives and sides of the story. So go check it out, if that’s something you want to
keep up with on YouTube, rather than trying to find it all on your television or news articles online or whatever it is. Some of us just prefer to watch it
on video-like me. So go check that out.

And thank you guys for hanging out with me once again. For our Creator’s Tip video on Thursday, we’re going to talk with Megan O’Neill of
the about how she keeps up with everything that’s happening in the online video world. I hear a lot of things from her before I hear
it from the actual source that it came from. So we’ll talk with her a little bit about that and why that’s important for you guys as creators.

So if you want that video and all the other stuff, make sure you subscribe. Click that button there above this video here on YouTube so you can join us
every single week for this stuff and more stuff that’s coming up. Lots of awesome things are going to be happening on this channel here in the near
future, so guys subscribe-join us. And I will see you guys again on Thursday for our Creator’s Tip video. Bye.


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