The Current Top 10 Most Subscribed Channels on YouTube

The Current Top 10 Most Subscribed Channels on YouTube

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With SMOSH smashing records this year, first passing Ray William Johnson to become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube, then becoming the first to hit 8 million, and the first to hit 9 million, and inevitably, in about 2 weeks, the first to hit 10 million, I thought I’d take a look at the overall top 10.  Because while we hear a lot about SMOSH, RWJ, Jenna Marbles, and nigahiga, the rest of the top 10 gets lost in the shuffle when we hear the numbers.  Some very surprising channels show up in the top 10.  All of the stats come courtesy of VidStatsX.

The Current Top 10 as of May 2013

Here’s the current VidStatsX chart:

most subscribed

There’s not much surprise that Rihanna and One Direction currently have top 10 channels on YouTube, or Machinima for that matter.  But there are a few I looked at and thought, “What?”

For awhile there, I kept hearing about this PewDiePie guy and had no idea what he did or why he was so popular.  The name reminded me of “Honey Boo Boo” and thus, I just thought it was probably something obnoxious.  I’m pretty much right, but the thing PewDiePie does is combine the irritating nature of many popular YouTube channels with games, two highly popular pastimes combined into one channel.  And you can see the growth of the channel is currently even higher than SMOSH or Jenna Marbles.

A sample video (some bad language):

Another strange one is Hola Soy German, which is entirely Spanish-language (hint to all of you out there who might benefit from Spanish subtitles/captions) and it also goes the irritating route.  You don’t have to know Spanish to know it’s someone emoting crazily at the camera.  It’s growth is exactly like PewDiePie’s…only more.

The other one that I found surprising?  Movies.  Yep, just…Movies.  These are actual rentals from YouTube.  That means a ton of people want to be informed when new releases are available to watch, or use that as their main rental service.  But it’s strange to see such a channel with such growth.  Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know how many “views” this channel, or certain movies, get.  But that would be an interesting, awesome addition if YouTube would add it.

By the way, “TV Shows” is 11th.  Both “Movies” and “TV Shows” have better growth than anything on YouTube as far as subscribers go (and if you take out the unusual anomaly of Psy getting more and more subscribers every day).  And while we can’t know the views, I think that probably means quite a bit of movies and TV shows are being watched on YouTube.

So, what do you think?  Is it more of the same?  People who go to YouTube are very young and enjoy the games, the music videos, the constant irritation?  Or is there more to be learned from these stats?  Can anything be learned from them?

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