Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets

Crowdsourcing Can Make Video Production Affordable For All Budgets

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Deciding on the best approach for creating quality video content for your website can be a daunting task these days, especially with the limitless options that the internet throws at us on a daily basis! Typically, many site owners and brands worry about the cost of video production and everything that surrounds it. Site owners want to invest but they don’t know how much is considered reasonable. Logically, people want quality video and know that if they invest too little, then are most likely sacrificing the quality of the actual video, but they are also scared to spend too much on video production. In the real world most businesses are limited by budget constraints, so the question is: how do you acquire a high quality video for a fair price?

Crowdsourcing Video Production For Those On A Budget

Crowdsourcing for your next video is a great tactic for budget control. Why is that? Because your company can place bid for the style and the budget of a video that you want. Then video production companies will compete with each other to win your bid and produce your web video! Not only does this offer a variety of choices for your business to choose from but also exposes you to some of the most talented videographers and animators on the market.

This all sounds so easy and wonderful, but the truth is the market is very competitive, with over 246,000 results on Google for the search term “video production crowdsourcing” alone. With so many options, your business must sort through to the clutter in order to find a crowdsourcing site that hosts quality videographers they can trust.

Where does this leave us? In order to get you started with finding your perfect video match, here’s our pick of the top 3 crowdsourcing sites available for video production. These sites were hand-selected based on easy usability, quality videos, and overall price.

1. Userfarm

Userfarm is a global video crowdsourcing company whose core focus is maintaining high quality videos at a fair cost. They work with thousands of creators and animators to ensure you get the best. The site even hosts “video contests” for large, successful companies that offer rewards for contest winners helping drive the top web video makers to the site.


Why did we choose this site?

The most distinguishable feature of this crowdsourcing site is the no-nonsense navigation. With just one click, you are already in the process of registering and finding the perfect match whether it be a client or videographer.

2. is an innovative video crowdsourcing company that works closely with users to ensure that you create the video of your choice. To use this platform, users just by fill out a simple form to receive a variety of proposals from different creators. Once you find your video match, you have complete control over the process while letting the pros do the work.

What is the standout feature of this site?

Besides being easy to use and focused on giving the customer (that’s you) exactly what they want, offers pre and post production benefits by offering video marketing services when your video is complete. Since obtaining a video is only half the battle, we think that this site offers businesses a competitive advantage of getting the video they wanted and the attention that it deserves.

3. Poptent

Poptent is a crowdsourcing site that takes on video with another perspective. The site is designed to accelerate the videographers’ careers by finding the assignments for them in order to help build their portfolios. With this format, the site drives fierce competition between the videographers to create the best videos.


Why does this site stand-out?

Poptent stands out among other crowdsourcing companies because of its interactive design that lets users discus and make open comments about their experiences. Besides the site being extremely user friendly, we also see the ability to communicate about experiences and videographers helps give an honest advantage to finding exactly what or who you need for your video.

As you can see, obtaining a quality video for your company doesn’t have to take your whole life savings, it just takes finding the right website that will help meet your needs. So get out there and find the hidden talent that exists in the video industry through crowdsourcing!


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