Creator Studio App for iOS: One Stop Shop for YouTube Creators

Creator Studio App for iOS: One Stop Shop for YouTube Creators

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It’s been a long time since I was a fan of Apple products. It all went downhill for me when I was playing some Oregon Trail on an Apple IIe and got dysentery. But if you’ve been stuck in an Apple world, owning an iPhone and having dysentery all the time, there is something that may make you feel a little better.

Google has released the Creator Studio app for iOS devices and this app is no slouch. With the increasing importance of mobile in the video market, this app provides a one stop shop for creators to see all of the most important details about their channel on the go. If you don’t have a YouTube channel or don’t care about the one you’ve got, just keep your dysentery and you can stop reading now.

For those of you still reading, congratulations. You willingly work for less than a sweatshop sneaker maker. But that also means you’re a YouTube creator who cares about your channel. Assuming that’s the case, this app will tell you all you need to know about your channel, whether you mom is your only subscriber or you’ve got a golden play button. Like the Android counterpart, this app will show you the channel dashboard including views, minute watched and subscribers gained in the past 28 days. It will also show the latest uploads, their view counts and any recent comments on your videos, all in one place.

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One of the best features of this app is the ability to reply to comments from it. In the past this feature could be a bit clunky with the YouTube app, so being able to reply to any comments on the go, in one place, is a wonderful value add for this app. If you manage multiple accounts, no problem. You can switch YouTube accounts with one touch and delve into the analytics of each. The analytics page is very similar to the one from the Web based Creators Studio on YouTube and can show engagement, as well as views, minutes watched, subscribers and estimated earnings across different time periods. This is great for figuring out that moment when you make more than a sweatshop worker.

Given the history between YouTube and Apple, this app should be a welcomed download for anyone still travelling down the Oregon Trail with an iPhone in their pocket.


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