Create a Buzz with Your Target Audience with Timely Video Content

Create a Buzz with Your Target Audience with Timely Video Content

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If you ever wondered what kind of hard work is needed to be timely in online video, just take a look at schmoyoho (accent on the yo). Also known as the Gregory Brothers, they have been making music on YouTube since 2006 and are best known for their series “Autotune the News”. We always talk about how important it is to be timely with video content and this group exemplifies just that.

I happened to be scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier this month and noticed the now viral news clip of Michelle Dobyne which is up to over 26.5 million views as of this posting. My first thought was that The Gregory Brothers absolutely needed to cover this, as it fits right in to their style of video. Sure enough, they not only covered it, but posted their completed video less than 24 hours after I had seen the clip on Facebook!

Certainly you can plan ahead for a tent-pole event in the same way the Gregory Brothers planned ahead for the State of the Union (another video released this morning), but when it comes to being timely, even for brands, you have to be part of the ebb and flow of internet culture. You cannot get bogged down by lengthy approval processes and production schedules. You have to be able to put everything on hold and occasionally ride the crazy wave that is internet culture.

For a single creator or a small team, this process can be fast tracked, but for bigger brands this can pose quite the challenge. Having a person on your team you can trust and grant full authority to publish content is essential to capitalizing on trendy videos such as this and will almost assuredly require extra time after standard business hours to gain the greatest impact. For some brands and creators, that’s simply not feasible.

Part of this I haven’t yet mentioned, is the importance of identifying with your fans. Although the Gregory Brothers were hard at work for their more produced content related to the State of the Union Address, they took a step back to churn out this simple tune. Their fans recognized this clip and how well it fit in with what The Gregory Brothers do on a regular basis and essentially gave them no choice but to respond with their auto-tuned version of it. It just goes to show how important it is to have an open channel of communication with the people who enjoy what you do the most. With an engaged fan base, you can save a lot of research time.

There are a number of different ways to win with video online and being timely is just one of them. If you can include it in your Hero, Hub, and Hygiene video strategy, there is a great opportunity to gain exposure through reacting to the trend of the day in a way that properly reflects your brand or content.


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