Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Video Contest Wins the Big Brand Game

Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Video Contest Wins the Big Brand Game

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In the United States, online video marketers call it the “Big Game,” even though the World Cup has a much larger audience. That’s because we don’t want to violate the NFL’s trademarked term, “Super Bowl.” But, around this time of year, many of us in the online video and internet marketing industries start paying attention to the hype leading up to the “Big Game” just in case there are some new lessons to learn.

Of course, one of the old lessons that we learned several years ago was to question the wisdom of spending $4.5 million for a 30-second spot that may be seen by 111.5 million viewers. Heck, many of those viewers will head to the kitchen during several of the commercial breaks to get more of that tasty dip during this year’s Super Bowl party and miss some of the endless barrage of cute animals, heart-tugging military reunions, and dudes getting injured in wacky ways. By comparison, one billion people around the world watch more than 300 million hours of videos on YouTube every day.

2015 ‘Crash the Super Bowl’: Best Video Ad Wins Huge Coverage

Nevertheless, we’re open-minded. If there is a brilliant way to leverage a 20th Century medium like television to boost the results of a 21st Century medium like online video, then we want to know about it. So, what can internet marketers and video content producers expect to see when the first video ads for Super Bowl 2015 begin to debut shortly? Well, it’s already guaranteed that they will see two ads for PepsiCo’s Doritos brand. And I’m fairly confident that both of them are embedded below.

doritos crash the super bowlWhen the Doritos brand first launched the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest back in the fall of 2006, the concept of user-generated video content was brand new. Now, it’s time-tested. The brand will announce the 10 2015 winners this week, and fans from around the world will have a chance to vote for the best ad at The creator of the ad receiving the most fan votes will win a guaranteed $1 million grand prize, as well as an opportunity unlike any other in the history of the contest: a chance to work as a contractor for a full year onsite at Universal Pictures in Hollywood where they will lend their creative talents to a variety of projects, including future Universal Pictures releases such as “Pitch Perfect 2” and other big comedies.

Winning User-generated Videos to Air During Super Bowl 2015

Ultimately, two spots will air during the Super Bowl XLIX broadcast, the grand prize winner selected by fan votes on the Doritos website, and the first prize winner selected by the Doritos brand, who will receive $50,000. The eight finalists whose commercials don’t air during the broadcast will each win $25,000. The Super Bowl XLIX broadcast is set for Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, on NBC in the United States and local broadcast networks around the world.

Early last month, Doritos unveiled a list of 29 semifinalist consumer-created Doritos ads in this year’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, spotlighting global talent from seven different countries. These top 30-second homemade Doritos advertisements were selected from nearly 4,900 ads submitted from 29 countries around the world.

From the pool of 29 semifinalists, a judging panel will select the top 10 spots to become finalist ads, twice as many as in the previous year’s contest. The qualified panel of judges will include Doritos executives, advertising professionals, and actress/producer Elizabeth Banks — who is making her directorial debut on “Pitch Perfect 2” and has starred in critically acclaimed films such as “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Seabiscuit,” and “Pitch Perfect,” as well as global franchises like “The Lego Movie,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Spider-Man.”

10 of the Most Highly Rated Video Entries 2015

Here are 10 of the contenders that are among the most-viewed and highest rated entrants in the ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ contest:

“Tea Time!” by Josh Day, USA.

“Dog Dreams” by Brandon Morris, USA.

“The Lemonade Stand” by David Horowitz, USA.

“Middle Seat” by Scott Zabielski, USA.

“Mis-Spelling Bee” by Brian Kleinschmidt, USA.

“Baby’s First Word” by Travis Braun, USA

“When Pigs Fly” by Graham Talbot, Canada.

“Wish Upon a Dorito” by Matthew Shoychet, Canada.

“Selfish Sneezers” by Devon Ferguson, Canada.

“Blind Date” by Haidy Bahgat Zakher Ibrahim, Egypt.

Doritos: Largest Online Video Contest in the World

We’ll find out if my list of contenders resembles the official list of finalists when it is announced later this week. In the meantime, here’s the lesson that every ReelSEO reader should learn: The Crash the Super Bowl contest is the largest online video contest in the world. The winner of the 2006-2007 contest, “Live the Flavor,” was the first consumer-generated ad to ever air during the Super Bowl and was ranked the #4 best commercial of the game on the USA Today Ad Meter poll.

More importantly, nearly one million people visited the “Crash the Super Bowl” website to view the submissions and vote for the finalists and the competition led to a 12 percent increase in sales of Doritos in January 2007. In other words, Doritos will already be big winners BEFORE the “Big Game” even if lots of viewers head to the kitchen during a couple of the commercial breaks to get more of that tasty dip during this year’s Super Bowl party. Now, that’s a brilliant way to leverage a 20th Century medium like television to boost the results of a 21st Century medium like online video.


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