Cord-Cutters Watch 100 Hours of Video Each Month, Hog 54% of Internet Traffic

Cord-Cutters Watch 100 Hours of Video Each Month, Hog 54% of Internet Traffic

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The internet is a busy, crowded, noisy space and users are consuming all kinds of content via all kinds of devices on a constant basis. We know that video plays a huge part in that consumption, but a new report from Sandvine confirms that, in North America at least, consumers are watching 100 hours of streaming video each month, and video traffic accounts for around 54% of downstream bandwidth usage.

The report states that a massive 64% of North American downstream traffic during peak hours is due to demands for streaming media, with Netflix the leading provider, responsible for 34% of that peak-time traffic.

Highlights of Report: Cord-Cutters Turn to the Internet

According to the report, Cord-Cutters (viewers that watch TV and movies online rather than via traditional broadcast methods), are using a huge amount of bandwidth each month for their chosen activity. .

  • U.S. Cord Cutters consume around 212GB a month, more than seven times the 29GB of a typical subscriber
  • U.S consumers watch of 100 hours of video each month, 54% of total monthly network traffic

U.S. Fixed Access Traffic: Video Consumption

Netflix accounts for 34.2% of downstream traffic in peak hours, that figure is up from the 31.6% confirmed by Sandvine for 2H in 2013. The report states that the increase may be due to the widespread availability of higher bitrate Super HD content.

sandvine netflix youtube

Real-Time Entertainment is the dominant traffic category in the U.S. (surprise!), and is responsible for over 63% of downstream bytes during peak period.

US fixed traffic bandwidth

U.S. Mobile Traffic: Online Video Consumption

Facebook and YouTube are responsible for 32% of the data sent to, and from, mobile devices. YouTube’s share of upstream traffic was only 3.7% but the site had a 17.6% slice of the pie for downstream traffic. Facebook took nearly 27% of the total upstream traffic, with a 14% share for downstream. Netflix showed a 5.05% share of downstream traffic. The numbers were recorded during peak time hours.

sandvine mobile traffic 2014

Other Snippets from Report

  • Snapchat is the most popular messaging app in North America
  • Twitch.TV generates more U.S. traffic that HBO GO
  • The 2014 FIFA World Cup is expected to account for almost half the internet traffic in Latin American countries

The full report can be downloaded from the Sandvine website (contact info required).


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