Legally Using Copyrighted Music On Youtube

Legally Using Copyrighted Music On Youtube

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This week our look at the Reel Web includes several stories surrounding YouTube, specially how users can now create videos in the cloud with WeVideo’s cloud-based video editing software. Just upload your video clips, edit them the way you like — complete with titles, transitions and color correction — and immediately publish to your YouTube account.

Copyrighted Music On YouTube & Other Online Video News

This week our look at the Reel Web includes several stories surrounding YouTube, specially how users can now create videos in the cloud with WeVideo’s cloud-based video editing software. Just upload your video clips, edit them the way you like — complete with titles, transitions and color correction — and immediately publish to your YouTube account.

Also big news concerning YouTube’s license deal with Merlin, the world’s 5th largest record label. Soon we will be able to use copyrighted music from their artists in exchange for promoting the band and YouTube paying rights for the track’s use. Sounds like a win for everyone: artists get promotion and money while video creators include the artist’s talent in their work.

If you edit with some higher end software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Adobe After Effects, Big Giant Software now offers a free version of their Magic Bullet Looks plugin called, Looks Limited. It’s a free download and is worth it if you can’t afford the full Looks software.

QUESTION: Will YouTube’s music license agreement be a win for everyone?

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This week on the Reel Web, YouTube adds iMove-like video editing right into its website. Also, I show you guys where you can download some free filters to use in like, Final Cut or Premiere or whatever you’re editing on. And also, YouTube makes some deals with some music companies that have some implications for how you and I use copyrighted music here on YouTube. All that’s coming up this week on the Reel Web.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another look at the Reel Web where every week, we just kind of highlight some of the news from the online video world from last week. This week, we’re going to start with YouTube, they added some video editing right into their website that looks a little bit like this.

You’ve got your timeline, your preview window, media library. You just grab your footage and drop it onto the timeline where you can trim it down and
shift it around. WeVideo has a ton of built-in effects that you can apply to your clips like color correction, dozens of transitions, you just drag and
drop and they play back instantly with no rendering.

This is all made possible through the service called WeVideo which is now integrated into, is where you want to go. If you want to
upload your own video content to edit right in the cloud, cloud’s really cool, you can collaborate with other people and edit a project together even
if you’re like, half a world away from each other.

The exciting part about this is it’ll let a lot of people who are just amateurs and just kind of getting into the whole video space thing for the first
time, it’ll let them start creating content and maybe doing more than they otherwise could with like, Window Movie Maker or whatever. Now you don’t
even need any software to get started with video editing, it’s all done right in your browser. While there is a lot of really exciting potential behind
this service, the thing I’m curious about the most is that people should really take all their photos and upload them first because if you’re on a
slower connection and it’s all in HD, that’s going to take a long time to upload.

Also, YouTube scores a licensing deal with the world’s 5th largest music label. The record label Merlin has come together with YouTube to
take a different approach to what YouTube does with copyrighted content that is uploaded from one of its artists. Right now, YouTube detects that
copyrighted music and just strips the audio from the video. Instead, now it’ll keep that audio intact and give credit to the original artist whose
music is in the video, giving them some great free promotion and it’ll also pay the artist for every single one of their views every time that track is
played on YouTube.

I’m hoping other record labels jump on board with this also because not only is it a great new way for your bands to potentially get discovered but
it’s also a great distribution means. And now the artists get paid every time their tracks are used on YouTube, it might even be an incentive for them
to get their music out there in the hands of creators even more, spread the word about their music and to get new potential buyers and it just sounds
like a win, win, win.

And speaking of YouTube and music news, YouTube is offering a new service for its music partners, now you can offer ticket sales and merchandise sales
directly on your YouTube channel. This means that sometimes in the future, maybe music artists won’t even have to have a separate website anymore, they
can just direct all their traffic to their YouTube channel and everything that their fans will want will be right there in one place.

And I’m hoping that this also rolls out to other partners, I would love to use it myself. If you’ve done any kind of higher level video production like
with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Premiere, Avid, whatever, then you’ve probably heard of Red Giant. These guys make some great plug-ins for all these
video editing platforms that have really become like, a staple of the video editing industry. Thankfully, they are offering a limited version of their
look software completely for free.

(Video playback). Use Magic Bullet Looks to change the mood, look and feel of your footage. Create better composites through tighter color palettes and
enhance motion graphics with a unique set of effects. Red Giant software’s Magic Bullet Looks.

Quick Looks Limited does everything its big brother Quick Looks does except that it’s just limited to 20 different filters which I have used and I
really, really, really like it. The link to download Quick Looks Limited is in the description below this video here on YouTube or at,
wherever you’re watching this video.

And while you’re down there checking out those links anyway, I’ll include some other stories you might be interested in for example like, H.265 is
coming and it has some major implications for the online video market for mobile devices. If you want to see how video on the iPhone 4S stacks up
directly alongside the Cannon Mark 5D Mark II, there’s a good video of that below.

And you thought HD was the coolest new thing but, turns out UHD TV or Ultra HD is coming, it’s about 33 million pixels and 16 times larger than what we
know today as HD video. Links to all those are below so go check them out and also while you’re down there, comment and let us know what you think
about YouTube’s deal with the licensing thing with music with record companies.

Do you think this is going to be good for artists and record labels and YouTube and consumers like us making video? Is it going to be good for all of
us alike or is one of us going to come out ahead more so than the other or what’s going to happen with all that? Comment below and let me know what you
think or even leave a video response, that would be awesome.

Last Wednesday in our creator’s tip video, I showed you how to use online video to drive traffic to your website and as I promised, this Wednesday, I will show you how to use video on your website to keep users there and viewers stuck to your website. But to get that video, you’re going to have to subscribe if you’re not already, click right there or the button above this video on YouTube, we’d love to have you join us every week. We do the Reel Web, creator’s video, other stuff to help you guys who are making content for the web just really stand out among the other stuff that’s being uploaded every day. Like this video. So until that creator’s tip video, I hope you guys have a great day or evening or whatever it is where you’re watching this and I will see you guys then. Bye.

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