Copy This: Copy Matters, Especially In Product Videos!

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No matter what technology comes (and goes) text will always be in fashion. Words drive almost every industry, particularly from a marketing perspective. Our words dictate how we present, communicate, display and ultimately sell. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, one great word or phrase can be worth thousands of dollars (if not, hopefully more).

Is Your Current Copy Video Ready?

When creating your product videos you’re probably basing your script on your pre-existing marketing texts, including such fundamentals as product description, benefits and use. However it’s important you pause and think if what you have is good enough and, more importantly, whether the materials are suitable for video.

Where Copy Comes into Play

The words you use in your product videos have an impact on their ability to motivate consumers to make a purchase. The way you describe a product influences the way your audience will perceive it:

  • Is the dress a “timeless classic” or “avant-garde”?
  • Is the fabric “soft to the touch” or is it the kind that “keeps you warm on winter nights”?
  • Are the buttons on the mobile phone “child-proof” or “super sexy”?

Your Consumers Need Your Help – Give it to them!

Sure these are things that can be seen (to a degree), but they’re also worth saying. They are the descriptive texts that help convince shoppers that this is the product they seek. This is the selling copy.

Consumers expect to hear your guidance and instruction as they browse through your wares. This is the experience they’re used to when they visit brick-and-mortar shops and, after all, when it comes to your inventory – you’re the expert! It’s your responsibility and duty to help them find the product that best suits their needs.

Text, however, is perhaps most important when it comes to the less visual elements of the product, especially in terms of your particular unique selling points such as customer satisfaction (guaranteed), return policy (no hassle) or availability (on sale now). Simply put, no amount of imagery can convey these key-factors.

These kinds of statements are all about the call to action. This is the copy that gets them to buy.

The difference between both types of copy is subtle, but both are equally important for your video scripts and voice-overs.

Video’s Added Search Value

Video is a multi-faceted medium with a multi-layered worth. Beyond describing and displaying your products on your own product pages, these same videos and the transcripts can also be uploaded to on any one of the mass video sharing portals for additional coverage.

This will increase your products’ exposure in overall search results across the web including:

  • Onsite search (such as on YouTube)
  • Video specific search (such as Google video)

Speech Recognition and Your Video’s Text

The text in your videos has an ongoing influence on the way your videos are perceived – and not only from a human perspective. It can influence the way current and future speech recognition technologies (like YouTube’s Automatic Speech Recognition) add captions to, and categorize your videos.

Using Your Videos to Test Your Marketing Messages

One of the less obvious, but more effective uses for online product videos is to use them as a method for testing the effectiveness of your existing (and planned) marketing messages. By measuring each video’s effectiveness with comprehensive A/B testing you can isolate which exact elements yield the highest rate of success. By comparing video versions that are nearly identical except for slight variations in text, you can determine which words work best and improve your conversion rates significantly. Once you are able to work out the exact textual formula, you can then reapply it to your existing marketing texts elsewhere.

About our Guest Author – Tal Rubenczyk:

tal-headshotTal is the CEO of Treepodia. Prior to establishing Treepodia, Tal was the co-founder of Celebros, where he headed the marketing division for more than seven years. Tal brings his e-commerce knowledge, international marketing experience and networking connections to Treepodia.

Treepodia logo low resTreepodia is a leading video platform provider for online retailers, enabling them to cover their entire product catalog with effective and engaging video content in just 24 hours. They also have a “risk-free” model where you only pay for views that generate new revenue.


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