How to Connect with Key Video Influencers in a Social World [Creator’s Tip #35]

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This week we talk about how to seed your videos to influencers in your niche. How do you get people who have an audience notice your content and help you spread the word about it? We talk about how to initiate contact, build relationships with them, add value both to them and their community, how to engage with their content, and earn their trust and credibility while still being genuinely interested in contributing to them even if you receive nothing in return.

In response to questions from last week’s video with Kevin Nalty on seeding your video we have provided some additional info on contacting other creators for collaboration and video sharing without spamming.

6 Tips on How to Build Relationships for Promotion & Collaboration

First and foremost, you need to work on building relationships.  This is the most important thing you can do to increase your crediblity with creators you want to help you share your video.

1. Become in engaged in other creators blogs and videos.  Interacting and commenting on other people’s sites will go a long way toward earning credibility over the long term.  Many bloggers and popular video channels receive mulitple requests to share videos or products and most creators will immediately forward those messages to the recycle bin unless they have an idea who the requestor is.  By being regularly engaged in a creator’s content, you will start to build a relationship with both the creator and the community so that when you ask them for help or have a video to share, they will more likely be willing to forward the post along.

2. Be genuine.  It is usually pretty easy to spot someone who is just engaging in content for the purposes of pushing their own agenda as opposed to someone who honestly shares an interest in a creator’s content.

3. Start with your niche.  The easiest way to legitimately be engaged with other creators is if you contact creators in your niche.  It’s already a topic you are interested in, so providing links from other sites or commenting on posts is natural and doesn’t feel forced.

4. Collaborate with others at your level. The likelihood of getting a big name site or creator to mention your video is highly unlikely as they receive numerous requests every day from individuals they don’t know.  Best chance of success will be to start engaging other creators who have similar audiences as you, similiar number of views and are also openly looking for others to collaborate.  Over time your network will grow and as a group you will increase your views and value as you share with each other and collaborate.

5. Give a glowing review.  An easy way to get someone’s attention is by tweeting or posting a good review of their product, service, book or channel.  It’s a little bit along the lines of sucking up to the person to get something you want, but if you honestly appreciate what they are providing, it is a good way to get attention fast and they will be more likely to forward that Tweet then they would a random comment you made about some other product.  You can see a great use of this with Tim’s review of Kevin Nalty’s book and a review given about ReelSEO’s Creator’s Tip.

6. Invest the time.  As with anything, if you want to get value out of something it is going to take an investment of some time.  It takes time to build trust and grow a relationship with others online, but once you do, the benefits will be there for a long time to come.

QUESTION: How have you seeded your videos with influencers?

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On this Creator’s Tip video we’re going to talk a little bit more about seeding our videos and how that works and how do you get exposure when you have
no audience at all, how do you approach people who do have audiences. All that and more this week on Creator’s Tip.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we just help you guys who are making online video
content know how to make the stuff the best and make it stand out on the web and this week we’re going to talk about how they heck they get attention.

We talked about this a little bit last week in our Creator’s Tip video when I interviewed Kevin Nalty, Mr. Viral Video Genius himself about how can we
go about seeding our videos. A lot of you guys said that video was super helpful, but a lot of you guys also had more questions specifically
surrounding how do I approach someone in a way that doesn’t feel spammy, in a way that contributes value to them and all that kind of stuff so we can
start building a relationship in the first place. How do I do that? And that is a very good question.

And I’m just going to talk to you guys frankly as a guy who’ve I’ve actually made my living off of my blog for about a year and a half or two years as
my full time income, so I know what it’s like to kind of have a lot of people pitching stuff like blog posts for me to want to post for them. And I’ve
also done a lot of stuff like here on Reel SEO where we have people sending me videos all the time, like hey, why don’t you talk about my video or why
don’t you promote this or can you Tweet that or whatever. So I’m going to share with you guys, coming from like my perspective what that feels like,
and I’ll just tell you right up front it feels like spam.

The kind of stuff that I’ll repost and I will share and I will talk about are the people who have earned my respect, earned my trust and who are
obviously already engaged in my community. For like a blogger that means hey you guys are commenting on the posts, you’re following them cool stuff
like over Twitter. Maybe you don’t hear a response, but hopefully they’ll see it. Where you say hey check this out and it’s not your content, it’s
somebody else’s stuff. Or maybe you asked a follow-up question. You’re engaging and these people who are creating the content are perceiving you as
someone who is a part of their community, someone who is offering content to them.

So for example, some of you guys comment on almost every video we do here at ReelSEO and if you were to send me something and say, hey would you help
me promote this or let me know what you think about that, I am much more likely to check out your video, the content you send me cause it doesn’t feel
like spam it feels like we have somewhat of a relationship in place already cause we’ve already dialogued a little bit. But if you’re just cold turkey
and I’ve never heard about you before and it’s like a totally impersonalized message, I mean that one is just going straight to the recycle bin.

But here’s the thing, a lot of you guys will do that with the intention of hoping to get me or someone else to share your stuff. You’re not really
genuinely interested in our communities. You’re just kind of like, hey I’m going to suck up to you so you will eventually promote me. And guys we can
smell that a mile away. Don’t do it. You have to be genuinely interested in our communities and you have to offer content and dialogue and discussion
that’s valuable to the creator and to the rest of the people who surround that creator’s content.

A lot of you guys will probably say, Tim, that sounds like it will take a lot of time. And yes it does take time. Anything worth investing in too is
worth your time. However, I wouldn’t start at like the top level bloggers like the TechCrunch or the EnGadgets or like the Shay Carl or Charles
Trippy. Some of those like Philip DeFranco, like on YouTube, those top guys, they get pitched that stuff all the time. I would start maybe more with
people around your level, maybe a little bit higher. By level I mean viewers and subscribers and engagement. Kind of find people who are kind of
around your area. It would be more likely to get their attention that way and to build their trust and relationships and then what happens, and I’m
speaking from experience here, is when you start connecting with like the low level people – and I know that sounds bad, but you know what I mean. You
start building a wider network of those guys, what happens is together you guys kind of rise up and before long you don’t really need the shout outs
from the Philip DeFrancos or the Shay Carls or whatever because you guys have built up together, swapping audiences, sharing stuff. A lot of
collaboration can happen cause you’re not only earning trust with the other creator, but you are thereby creating and earning trust with that creators
audience as well in addition to your own audience and it just kind of builds from there. So if you’re doing that with three or four other people and
your network kind of expands, that is by far the best way to start to building and gaining exposure and seeding your content. It’s all about building
relationships, investing into other people, not because you want to get something from them but because you genuinely care and you genuinely want to
invest into other people.

As far as where to focus your seeding efforts, I would start with your niche and just focus on there. So if you’re constantly making videos about
tech, then focus on the tech community, the tech other YouTubers and bloggers. If you’re making cooking, then focus on the cooking stuff, the people
who are talking about cooking. If you are talking about how to change diapers or mommy stuff, focus on the mommy bloggers and those communities. So
think of it more as big picture content level niche stuff, rather than on individual level video stuff. You get to build a much larger network and
much deeper relationships and ongoing relationships for further content. Not just like hey one person plugged that video that one time. That was a
whole lot of work to get that done. Build those relationships so it’s easier to kind of start plugging each other’s stuff that way.

And lastly, I’ll tell you guys a little secret. A kind of dirty way to get exposure, although not really, is if you give a review, a very positive
glowing review about someone’s book, product, service, or about another person who’s attention you are trying to get. Let’s say Kevin Nalty for
example. I did a video review on his book Beyond Viral and it was very positive, very good, not a suck up type video, but genuinely I think
it’s a really good book and I do recommend it to all you guys. So I make the video, I Tweet about it, I tag Natly in the tweets, he sees it and he is
much more likely to re-tweet that then something if I’m just talking about some online video viral marketing or something like that.

The same thing would be true like if you guys made a video on how much you like ReelSEO and you recommended it to your subscribers –


I used the techniques from the ReelSEO, Tim Schmoyer’s videos and my video regarding DIY weddings is at the top of the Google Search Engine.

We would be much more likely to re-tweet that, talk about that, in fact that builds a lot of trust and credibility with us for you so that next time
you talk about something, we’ll be like, oh yeah, these guys love us, for sure we’ll help them out!

The reason why I say it’s a little bit dirty is because it’s like stroking someone’s ego in a way that gets something from them. And it’s kind of
suck-up-ish but it works and I wouldn’t do that all the time, cause say if you tried to suck up to us and I went and checked your channel and I saw
that you were doing it to lots of people, well now you not only have no credibility with me, but you have like negative credibility with me. Cause now
I see what you’re just doing. So do it genuinely and do it because you really do want to recommend and you value the content that the person is

So I think I ranted there long enough. I have plenty of more thoughts on this, but I want to hear from you guys so comment below and let me know what
you guys think about this whole seeding thing. What works best for you, how does it work, what ways are you trying to reach out and how is it being

And if this is your first time hanging out with us, make sure you subscribe cause we make these videos for you guys every week to try to help you out
with content and helping you guys make online video and how to make that stuff stand out the best. So go forth and…that’s weird.

Thanks for hanging out with me guys and I will see you all next week for another look at the Reel Web and another Creator’s Tip video. Bye.


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