Media Metrix November 2010 – Retail Prevails, Google Ad Network Reaches 93 Percent of US Surfers

Media Metrix November 2010 – Retail Prevails, Google Ad Network Reaches 93 Percent of US Surfers

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So is it any surprise that retail and eCommerce sites showed massive uptakes last month? Nah, I didn’t think so. How about Yahoo! unseating Google as top prop(erty) on the web? Here’s a scary fact, the Google Ad network has more unique visitors than the  actual Google sites. It reached 93.2% of US Internet users last month. Google itself, only 80-something percent.

Last month I looked that the Top 50 Web properties from a video presence perspective, if we did that again this month we could find just about the same thing 40-50% have heavy video presences. Notables in the top 10, aside from Yahoo! (who is closing theirs) and Google, include: Microsoft, AOL, Glam Media, CBS, Turner Digital and Amazon.  In the top 25, only six are broadcast: CBS (8), Turner (9), Viacom (11), FOX (15), Comcast (22) and ESPN (24th). In fact, only one other made that Top 50, The Weather Channel (30th). Gannett (29th) runs a wide range of TV stations, but is mostly print.

Video Metrix list toppers that showed up in the Top 50 web properties include: Google, Yahoo!, VEVO, AOL, Viacom Digital, Facebook, Microsoft, FOX and Turner. In fact, the only site missing for a clean sweep is NBC Universal oddly because they’re listed as having 29M unique visitors in the Video Metrix which would put them around 40th. However, there are some other big discrepancies between the lists, most likely due to comScore tracking techniques.

Ad Focused Top 50

I briefly spoke about the massive reach of the Google Ad Network and they’re topping 93%. But I thought we might talk about the other ad focused sites that have a lot of video on them.

Here’s the Video Metrix Top 10 Video Ad Nets:

  1. Hulu
  2. Tremor Media Video Network
  3. ADAP.TV
  4. Microsoft Sites
  5. BrightRoll Video Network
  7. CBS Interactive
  8. Google Sites
  9. AOL, Inc.

Now let’s compare that to top ad-focused sites in general. You’ll find that Hulu is nowhere to be found, neither are Tremor,, Brightroll, NABBR or CWTV. That’s a full 60% of video ad networks absent. Of course, it’s apples to oranges as the Media Metrix is unique visitors and the Video Metrix is ads shown per month (with Hulu topping out at 1,15 billion for last month).

It seems sort of strange that comScore would rate one on impressions but the other on unique visitors.  If we were to poke about with a stick we’d find video content heavy networks include: Google (5), Yahoo! (3) (we’re going to delete them next month I think since they won’t really have much video anymore), AOL (25th), VideoEgg (38). Sure, VideoEgg didn’t make it into the Video Metrix (and is now commonly known as SAY Media, which comScore should know by now!). AdBrite is way up there, in the tenth spot, Specific Media is 13th, Adconion who briefly showed up in the Video Metrix is 20th.

Youtube is 24th only which is rather surprising. They are listed as having just about 117 million unique visitors. If you compare that to the Video Metrix it means that about 29 million people watch video on a Google site that is not YouTube. That would still put YouTube in the top spot on the video metrix.

Many of the other ad networks have video formats, but it’s not really their main area. I might have missed a couple, after all it’s only a couple days til Christmas.

You can read the full report over at comScore: November 2010 Top 50 Web properties.


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