Comscore Releases U.S. Online Video Rankings for February 2013

Comscore Releases U.S. Online Video Rankings for February 2013

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178 million Americans watched a little over 33 billion videos in February, with YouTube reaching an all-time high in video ads watched and Facebook reaching an all-time high 558 million video views overall.  It’s the shortest month of the year so some of the overall numbers are down, but video watching has remained pretty steady for awhile now, usually between 36-39 billion total videos.  Still, it’s the lowest total since June 2012.  As we all know, sheer amount of videos watched is not the end-all stat, but the actual time watched per viewer dipped to 1045.7 minutes, down from the usual spot of 1300 or more.

Comscore’s February 2013 Charts

As usual, “Google Sites,” which is for the most part YouTube, lead the way with 11.3 billion video views, and a distant 2nd is Facebook with close to 558 million, which actually is its personal best:

comscorefeb13Video ads reached more than 50% of the population 63 different times in the month.  The reach for the total U.S. population was just a little over 50%, but it too was a little down.  Still, Google served 2.2 billion ads in the month of February, a record for them.  The huge ad provider BrightRoll was 2nd with 1.6 billion and actually had higher minutes-per-viewer than all of them except Machinima, while Hulu,, and Liverail all eclipsed the billion ads mark.  In all, we watched about 9.9 billion ads last month:


The networks pretty much stood pat, with VEVO continuing to be at the top, and Fullscreen staying at #2.  Machinima led all partner networks in engagement with 61.4 minutes per viewer, which is no surprise because Machinima is tailored to a very specific demographic that might find nearly all of their programming worthwhile, while the other networks, even VEVO, pretty much have a split of interests among their demographics.  The total amount of unique viewers on Machinima, which is lower than most of the networks, compared to the total amount of sheer video they come out with, which is 2nd, reflect how Machinima engages with their audience.


ComScore found that:

  • 83.3% of the U.S. population watched video last month
  • The average video lasted 5.6 minutes, while the average ad lasted 0.4 minutes
  • Video ads accounted for 23% of all videos watched and 2% of all viewing time.

Overall these numbers are steady, we have expected drops for the shorter month, but there are a few areas in need of improvement this month.




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