comScore Says Brightroll Tops 97% Reach In May. Booya!

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Yes, 97% of Internet users apparently see something served up by the Brightroll ad agency (lati Doti, they love the Todi…old school rap lyrics anyone?). That’s a pretty stout piece of the pie. But they’re not alone in that rare area of the stratosphere…

Aha! Made you read more! Anyway, while Brightroll did rack up 97.4% reach in May, YuMe was right behind them rolling out a massive 96.3% and ScanScout was clambering up the slippery slope to end up in third with a very nice 93.4% just scooting past Tremor who rounded out the super-90s with 91.7%. This all courtesy of the comScore May 2010 Media Metrix Report in the Ad Focus area.

Who topped the Top 50? Would you be surprised if I said it wasn’t Google? Well, so would I, but really, it was and they had 179M visitors to show for it. Yahoo! took second in that race with 167M and Microsoft used some Kinect(ic) energy to land in third with 160M (Kinect is the name of their new controllerless video game initiative that will launch in October, not a spelling error on my part). was the largest gainer percentage-wise in the online video industry with a 28% jump April to May 2010 (unless you consider which does online video chat with experts…and live sex chat, I wonder if they’re experts too…) . Comcast got up there as well with a 26% change.

And that’s all I’ve got. But I know how much you all love to stare at tables in my posts, so without further ado, I will bid you adieu and leave you with the charts.

Table 1
comScore Top 10 Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors* (U.S.)
May 2010 vs. April 2010
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Total Unique Visitors (000)
Apr-10May-10% ChangeRank by Unique Visitors
Total Internet : Total Audience 213,019215,6911N/A
Comcast Corporation41,23952,1102618 Network7,1858,82823189
*Ranking based on the top 250 properties in May 2010. Excludes entities whose growth was primarily due to implementation of Media Metrix 360 unified digital audience measurement.
Table 2
comScore Top 50 Properties (U.S.)
May 2010
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Unique Visitors (000)
RankPropertyUnique Visitors


RankPropertyUnique Visitors


Total Internet : Total Audience 215,691
1Google Sites179,18826Federated Media Publishing35,957
2Yahoo! Sites167,22027WordPress35,770
3Microsoft Sites160,06128Wal-Mart35,530
4Facebook.com130, The Womens Network34,531
5AOL LLC112,36430Break Media33,798
6Ask Network91, Network33,687
7Fox Interactive Media88,07232YellowBook Network33,070
8Turner Network86,08633Adobe Sites32,733
9Glam Media80,74834Verizon Communications Corporation31,302
10CBS Interactive78,43235AT&T Interactive Sites30,515
11Wikimedia Foundation Sites78,27536Time Warner – Excluding AOL29,461
12Amazon Sites77,97337Tribune Interactive29,415
13New York Times Digital72,37838NBC Universal29,318
14eBay71,50939Lycos Global Search And Media29,035
15Apple Inc.67,89840Expedia Inc28,504
16Viacom Digital62,25241Weatherbug Property27,565
17Demand Media56,26142Gorilla Nation27,509
18Comcast Corporation52,11043Disney Online26,857
19craigslist, inc.50,83044Target Corporation26,639
20VEVO48, LLC26,492 Sites45,39046Everyday Health26,484
22Weather Channel, The43,49847Warner Music26,263
23NetShelter Technology Media38,28048WorldNow Sites25,428
24Technorati Media38,25049ESPN25,359
25Gannett Sites37,52250The Washington Post Company24,495
Table 3
comScore Ad Focus Ranking (U.S.)
May 2010
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Unique Visitors (000)
RankPropertyUnique Visitors (000)% ReachRankPropertyTotal Unique Visitors (000)% Reach
Total Internet : Total Audience 215,691100.0
1BrightRoll Video Network – Potential Reach210,05297.426Pulse 360**143,39166.5
2YuMe Video Network – Potential Reach207,78396.327Casale Media – MediaNet**140,35465.1
3ScanScout Network – Potential Reach201,45693.428AudienceScience (formerly Revenue Science)**139,95864.9
4Tremor Media – Potential Reach197,69891.729Adconion Media Group**138,86064.4
5BBE – Potential Reach192,74589.430interCLICK**138,42164.2 Video Network – Potential Reach188,23287.331Burst Media**133,28261.8
7SpotXchange Video Ad Network – Potential Reach187,64287.032FACEBOOK.COM130,30860.4
8Yahoo! Network**186,89386.633ADSDAQ by ContextWeb**129,21259.9
9AOL Advertising**186,48986.534MSN117,78354.6
10Google Ad Network**183,59485.135NNN Total Newspapers: U.S.117,65554.5
11ValueClick Networks**177,61682.336YOUTUBE.COM*112,76052.3
12Adconion Video Network – Potential Reach176,59481.937AOL LLC112,36452.1
13Google171,45079.538AOL Media Network112,31652.1
14TidalTV – Potential Reach167,92677.939CPX Interactive**111,56851.7
15Yahoo! Sites167,22077.540Break Media – Potential Reach108,74350.4
16Specific Media**161,63974.941Centro – Potential Reach106,88549.6
1724/7 Real Media**161,10074.742Viacom Digital Network – Potential Reach104,92948.6
18Microsoft Media Network US**158,54273.543IB Local Network – Potential Reach103,91448.2
20Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) – Potential Reach155,46372.145Undertone Networks**102,92147.7
21Turn, Inc**154,46771.646ITN Digital – Potential Reach102,55947.5
22FOX Audience Network**152,00770.547Cox Cross Media – Potential Reach102,48147.5
23Collective Network**147,63968.448Vibrant Media**99,92746.3
24Tribal Fusion**147,62668.449NCC Digital – Potential Reach98,35145.6
25Traffic Marketplace**146,19367.850Turner Network + Y! Partnership95,00444.0
Reach % denotes the percentage of the total Internet population that viewed a particular entity at least once in May. For instance, Yahoo! Sites was seen by 78 percent of the 216 million Internet users in May.

* Entity has assigned some portion of traffic to other syndicated entities.

** Denotes an advertising network


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