comScore Says Almost 22 Million Brits Touched By Video Ads In January

comScore Says Almost 22 Million Brits Touched By Video Ads In January

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They always seem a bit behind, comScore, not the Brits. Considering that it’s almost mid-March and we’re just getting UK numbers for January. It’s all part of their “one press release per day so as not to confuse journalists” mentality. No really, someone said that to me once. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I read 300 press releases a day and don’t get confused.

Anyway, comScore press release silliness aside, they say that a goodly portion of Brits were exposed to online video ads. 64% of online video viewers isn’t bad when it comes out to about 34 million people, from a country with just 62 million people, that’s more than half the country.

The following won’t surprise you, Google, VEVO and Facebook are the top three web video properties there. After that it’s more of a mix from our standard monthly US rankings as the BBC slides in there of course.

Top 10 UK Online Video Content Properties Ranked by Total Unique Viewers (000)
January 2012
Total United Kingdom – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore Video Metrix
Total Unique Viewers (000)Videos (000)
Total Online Content Video Audience: Age 6+33,3848,004,147
Google Sites29,8903,660,191
BBC Sites7,48075,982
Viacom Digital7,15643,569
Amazon Sites5,98618,246
Perform Sports5,497107,238
Yahoo! Sites4,67934,398
Microsoft Sites4,08336,653


The Gender Rift

There’s a pretty big gender rift over in the island nation with males being thrice engaged with regard to their fairer sex counterparts. The men manned up and accounted for nearly 3/4 of all video viewing time in January. Oddly, ads were split 56.4 to 43.6 which means that there seem to be far more ads targeting women in the country than there are men, or men were watching far more YouTube where ads aren’t as prevalent I guess.

The lads and lasses of the UK consumed over 50% of time spent viewing online video (15-34) and around 46% of time spent on video ad viewing as well.

Demographic Profile of Video Content and Video Ad Viewers
By Total Unique Visitors (000) and Percent of Total Time Spent* Watching Online Videos
January 2012
Total United Kingdom – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore Video Metrix
Content VideosAd Videos
Total Unique Viewers (000)Percent of Total Time SpentTotal Unique Viewers (000)Percent of Total Time Spent
Total Online Video Audience: Age 6+33,384100.0%21,930100.0%
Males: Age 6+17,48774.7%11,74956.4%
Females: Age 6+15,89725.3%10,18143.6%
Persons: 15-246,33025.0%4,59625.8%
Persons: 25-346,22526.0%4,16920.4%
Persons: 35-445,73316.0%3,85215.1%
Persons: 45-545,35114.2%3,46820.0%
Persons: 55+6,10014.7%3,89513.3%

* Percent of Total Time Spent: % of Time Spent Watching Content or Ad Videos by Demo Segment / % of Total Internet Population from the Demo Segment x 100


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