Coachella 2018: Live-streams and Beyonce Pull in Record Online Video Views

Coachella 2018: Live-streams and Beyonce Pull in Record Online Video Views

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Coachella 2018 may be over, but the music festival has certainly left its mark in the annals of digital video history. According to Tubular data, the event’s three separate live streams on YouTube attracted tens of millions of views each. In addition to watching the real-time footage, music aficionados around the world were heavily drawn to Coachella videos which featured performances from their favorite artists, as well as one particular clip from a well-known digital creator who was in attendance at the California Desert-based festival.

Interestingly enough, the majority of Coachella views and engagement occurred on YouTube and Instagram. The latter platform boasted some of the highest engagement rates on Coachella content, while YouTube obviously had the lead in terms of live streams, thanks to the platform’s long-time exclusive live streaming deal with the music event. Here’s what we else discovered when we dug into 2018 Coachella videos in Tubular’s software:

Coachella Live Streams Break YouTube Records

As noted above, YouTube was the official streaming partner of Coachella for the eighth year in a row now. The music festival set up three different streams over the course of its two-week run, appropriately dubbed Channel 1, 2, and 3. According to Tubular data, Channel 1 earned the honor of the most-viewed video across all Coachella 2018 clips, beating out the next-highest views by just over 9.7 million! Coachella’s Channel 2 stream was the sixth most-watched piece of content out of the music festival’s top ten videos. Following close behind was the Channel 3 stream at #7.

YouTube revealed to the LA Times that 41 million people logged into the platform to watch these streams, which means Coachella is now the highest-viewed live music festival of all time to have been streamed on the site. YouTube noted that 41 million figure was a 75% improvement in viewership over last year’s event. Additionally, Beyoncé helped YouTube set even more streaming records thanks to about 458,000 people tuning in to her April 15 headlining performance, which YouTube said is the “highest audience yet” for a performance stream at Coachella.

Music Fans Fascinated with Celebrity-Based Videos

While Coachella’s official YouTube live streams were certainly the highlight of the event’s video content from this year, music fans also turned their attention to clips created by or featuring celebrities. These stars included YouTube beauty guru James Charles and singers Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Minaj’s star-studded, behind-the-scenes Instagram video pulled in 8.7 million views, making it the third most-watched out of all the 2018 Coachella videos. Grande’s Instagram clip, featuring her performance of her song “No Tears Tonight,” was the 8th most-watched video with 6.3 million views. And though Charles isn’t a musician himself, the beauty YouTuber placed tenth with a 6-million-views-strong Instagram clip of him dancing to a Beyoncé song.

In addition to these celebrity-based clips, music enthusiasts were also really into videos of Mason Ramsey, aka the Yodeling Kid. Ramsey achieved internet fame in early April when a video of him yodeling in Walmart went viral. This stardom gained him a spot at Coachella, and attendees were more than ready to film him yodeling again. The fourth and fifth most-watched clips from the music event had the same Yodeling Kid content, but were uploaded by two different creators, comedy Instagrammer Daquan Gesese and viral music content publisher Singing Videos. Gesese’s version of the clip generated 8.7 million views, while Singing Videos’ option pulled in 8.1 million.

Unfortunately, not all most-watched Coachella videos featuring celebrities are still available. A few clips seem to have been removed from their respective distribution platforms, possibly for copyright purposes. What we do know from exclusive Tubular data, however, is the Facebook publisher Destiny’s Child Forever, a fansite for the titular but bygone musical group which boasted Beyoncé as a member, claimed the second most-watched Coachella video from this year thanks to 15.4 million total views on what we can assume was a clip of the group’s on-stage reunion on April 21. A video covering Beyoncé’s Coachella opening, which was uploaded to YouTube by travel vlogger Skye Mayring (aka Joan Jetsetter), is also removed but at its peak managed to attract 6.2 million total views.

In summary, these Coachella 2018 videos make it quite clear fans are willing to tune in to not just live streams, but also celebrity-centric clips surrounding the famous music event. This situation is ripe with opportunity for sponsorship, as was the case with Ariana Grande’s Instagram video where she thanked Kygo Music for having her there. And with viewership having gone up over last year, brands who get in on the Coachella craze for 2019 could quite possibly reach even more consumers than this year’s event.

Also, the more viewers who continue to tune in to Coachella year-after-year, the more digital creators — and media publishers in particular — have a chance to provide commentary, analysis, and reactions to news as it happens. Tubular data shows, for example, that the most-watched Coachella 2018 video categorized as “entertainment” came from TMZ, which reported on the Yodeling Kid’s performance. Basically, there’s no excuse for brands to not try to make a video related to Coachella this coming year, because the eyes and ears are definitely there!


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