Cloud-Based Video Editing & YouTube Tips

Cloud-Based Video Editing & YouTube Tips

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Welcome to this week’s episode of The Reel Web, ReelSEO’s weekly video series covering the latest online video news, opinions, rumors, and production tips. This week’s episode includes stories on cloud-based video editing, tips for filming prank videos and choosing the right YouTube Channel, and a handful of producer tips suggested by our Facebook friends.


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Tim: This week on The Reel Web, we tell you guys about our free webinar that’s coming up. Also, YouTube is now letting users edit their videos, right in the cloud, a lot of potential there. And we’re also going to have a really unique creator’s tip segment this time where you guys actually give your tips to us and then we give them to you. It’s kind of a cycle thing, but awesome, coming up.

Hey, everyone! My name is Tim Schmoyer. And welcome to another episode of The Reel Web where every week we just kind of share some of the latest news that happened in the online video world, as well as giving you guys that are content creators some tips and advice for how to make your videos stand out on the web.

One of the things I’m really excited about, coming up next week is a free webinar that and Brightcove are putting on together. It will be our founder, Mark Robertson, along with Courtney Pierce. She’s a product manager at Brightcove, and together they’re going to do a free webinar, completely free. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t come because they’re going to be discussing things like how to socialize your videos, how to create conversations that revolve around your video content. They’re going to share a lot of tips and tricks that they’ve learned over the past couple of years and also give insight to a lot of research that’s been happening in this area. And they’re going to share a couple of case studies as well. It’s a free webinar about social media and video marketing strategies that takes place on September 29, 10 p.m. Pacific Time, 1 p.m. Eastern Time. The link to register is below. There’s really no reason I can think of not to be there. It’s just pure, awesome, free goodness, advice from the experts. Maybe unless this happened to you.

Last week YouTube announced that you can now edit videos directly in their site, including ones that you’ve already published, that have been up there. Say you want to tweak some things or change some things after it’s started to get some views, you can now easily do that.

Female:You can quickly rotate your videos, stabilize shaky footage, and adjust the brightness levels, saturation, and color temperatures to make your videos really pop.

It’s all built in, right into YouTube’s website, which is going to get very easy for people who don’t have editing software to kind of start getting involved with the online video stuff. But what’s exciting about this for me is that this is the very beginning of cloud based video editing. We’ve seen a couple of organizations try this poorly, but if YouTube can really pull this off, that means people with low end systems can easily edit video as well as those of us who maybe take a whole bunch of video clips with our cell phones. Now we can just edit them together, right there in the cloud without any processing power or draining our battery life, or anything like that. So, I hope this develops, and YouTube, please stay on this track so I can finally edit videos on my Android phone. Why haven’t you let me do that yet? Geez.

One of the most popular genres of video on YouTube are prank videos. They’re often harder to film than they look. Where do you put the camera? What kind of camera do you use? How do you ensure that they don’t see the camera? Jack Vale put together a little prankster tutorial video for you about showing some of the behind the scenes stuff of how he does his pranks on his channel.

Jack:How come nobody sees the camera? I’ll tell you why. Because if you’re the human being, that’s all you see, except even more. Like, I would have more stuff . There you go.

Tim:If you’d like to see that full video, the link to it is in the description below this video here on YouTube.

This week’s trainer tip, I actually went to you guys on our Facebook page at, and I said hey, give me some of your best tips for people who create online video. What have you got?

We’ve got a couple of good responses from you guys. I’m going to share with you my two favorite ones. The first one here is from Vickie,and she says do not use camera microphone. Use an external mic or even have it go into the audio recorder if your camera doesn’t have a jack. I love it because yes, camera microphones are very, very poor. They fail epicly.

Jayce shares, do all you can to get comments, likes, and video responses within the first 48 hours of publishing. This greatly helps YouTube rankings. Yes, it does. And I love the comments, guys. Comment below and share with us your creator tip that you have for us. Maybe we’ll highlight it in an upcoming week. Or, better yet, why don’t you just click right there and leave a video response, and then maybe in the next coming weeks we’re gonna pick one of them and feature you guys as one of the creator’s tips, creator expert people, you know, get full credit and everything like the YouTube channel.

I really like this advice about the comments because the comments section on YouTube is what really humanizes you. It helps your audience feel like they’re engaging and interacting with you. And even if you get, like, hundreds of thousands of comments on your videos where it’s just impractical to respond to every single one, at least say, hey, I’m gonna respond to the first 500 comments. At least people who are coming after the 500, at least they feel like you’re actively trying to engage in being a part of them. And the people who watch the video who actually never leave a comment, at least then they see that you’re engaging other people. It makes them feel as if they’re part of something and that you value them as the audience. So, definitely comment, and it’s so much fun. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Of course you’ve always got the trolls, but just ignore them. Just tell them they can shove it and move on.

Female:While primates have brains, the troll relies on a central nervous system instead. This lack of a cerebrum means that the troll is incapable of both logical argument, usually located in the primates left cerebrum, and creativity, which is usually located in the right.

Tim:A couple of stories you might be interested in are linked in the description below this video on YouTube, including one about what kind of channel do you have. Are you a goober? Are you a director? Are you a YouTube bird? Are you a musician? What do they mean? Which one should your channel be, and what influence or difference does it make in the first place?

Lastly, released some interesting data that shows that links that are posted in the descriptions next to the videos on YouTube have a much longer shelf life than links that are posted to Facebook or Twitter. Kind of interesting.

And’s very own Mark Robertson, our founder and president and CEO and anything else he wants to be, really, he has a video linked up down there below. I totally lost my train of thought.

Mark:It would be important to sort of take a higher level overview of video SEO search, and in particular, how and social video not only with SEO, but even beyond SEO.

Tim: He has a video linked up below where he talks about how social media is influencing search engine optimizations for online video, and he gives a couple of real life examples of online retailers who are doing this very well and engaging and using social media to really drive their content to the top of the crop.

If you’re not already subscribed to our channel here on YouTube, you can click that subscribe button above this video on YouTube, or you can click right there as well. We would love to have you guys follow along. Every week we release multiple videos, now, actually. There’s this one and Creator’s Tips, and we’ve got some other content, secret stuff, coming up that you don’t know about yet, but you’re gonna want to know about. So, clickety clack that subscribe button and join us.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Those links are in the description below as well. We love to stay in touch and engaged and talk about online video. We have Facebook and Twitter. We do that often. Actually, we do that all day, so join us there.

And remember to leave a video response. You can click right there to do that, sharing your Creator’s Tip video for us to use in an upcoming episode. We’ll see you guys again next week for another episode of The Reel Web, and then we will see you guys again later in that week for the free webinar with the Brightcove person and Mark Robertson, which will be awesome. And then we’ll see you again after that. We’ll just stay in touch. How about that? See you guys later. Bye.

Female:The common internet troll also differs from primates in that it has no backbone or reproductive organs. Being asexual and spineless means it has extra time to search for attention.

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