CinemaSins & Everything Wrong With ReelSummit

CinemaSins & Everything Wrong With ReelSummit

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CinemaSins is one of the biggest YouTube success stories of the past 18 months, with a current subscriber base of 2.8 million and over 415 million views of their video content. Also know as “The Everything Wrong With….” guys, the team dissect some of the best know movies – past and present – to clue us in on some of the mistakes that really shouldn’t have got past the cutting room. Or, in their own words: “over-the-top, assholey, movie nit-picking for comedy’s sake”.

Before forming CinemaSins, Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson served as writers and editors for ReelSEO, and through analyzing and writing about video marketing, social media marketing and best practices, they were able to hit the ground running when it came to successfully building and promoting a YouTube channel in their vertical. Chris and Jeremy joined Jim Louderback for a hugely entertaining chat at ReelSummit 2014 to talk about YouTube, the industry, video strategy, the type of content they create, and how they missed attending ComicCon yet again:

What Tactics Did Cinemas Use to Grow Their YouTube Channel?

Jim asked Chris and Jeremy about some of the tactics they used to grow the YouTube channel in such a relatively short time:

Chris Atkinson: It’s coming out with content that people really like. When Jeremy first discussed the concept with me, I knew that it would be something that people would watch. We started off doing movies that people already knew, like Everything Wrong With the Amazing Spiderman, and we’ve been trying to upload content consistently every week.

Jeremy Scott: In terms of outreach, we posted our first video (Spiderman) to BuzzFeed where it got picked up, which led to coverage from Wired. We approached Wired to let them know another video was coming the following week and we were available for an interview. We did the same with Forbes and then kept piggybacking the coverage we got to create even more. We still use a lot of outreach even to this day. We also deliberately choose to cover movies like ‘The Notebook’, and ‘Frozen, to increase the amount of female views.

Want to know more about CinemaSins? Here’s a Behind The Reel Special we did with them a few months ago:

We’d like to thank Jim, Chris and Jeremy for talking the time to entertain the attendees at ReelSummit 2014. We’ll leave you with our favorite CinemaSins video (so far):


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