Film Featuring YouTube Stars, Chronicles Of Rickroll, Releases Full Trailer

Film Featuring YouTube Stars, Chronicles Of Rickroll, Releases Full Trailer

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Look out, world, the Internet’s making movies now. When we last checked in with The Chronicles of Rickroll, the project was still in the very early planning stages. Since that time, the story has evolved, the producers have landed some talented Hollywood behind-the-scenes people, and the project found a bit more focus. Now, the film also has its first full trailer.

Back in March, when we first wrote about The Chronicles of Rickroll, the production had released a short, teaser trailer. There was very little footage from the actual film, and many story and production details were still being worked out.

Now, however, they’ve added more Internet stars to the cast, and there’s enough real footage to give viewers a better look at the overall tone and story of the film. Be warned, however… unlike traditional movie trailers, this one’s four minutes long:

I’ve been a movie fan long enough to know that you can’t always judge a movie by its trailer. Most of the time, the directors don’t even cut the trailer together, but instead the publicity or promotions department does. And I’ve seen enough bad trailers that then turned into good movies (and vice versa) to know that a preview can’t tell me everything I need to know about a film.

And frankly, I’m just not really sure what to make of this new Chronicles of Rickroll trailer. I mean, it doesn’t look like my kind of film. But I don’t think the creators made it for people like me. I think they made it for fans of the original videos these actors “starred” in.

In many ways, I worry about a bit of a Rebecca Black issue here–that people who see and enjoy this movie are only doing so in continued mockery of its stars. Double Rainbow guy, “Boom Goes The Dynamite” guy, Antoine Dodson (bed intruder guy)… these are all individuals who are only famous because the online community enjoyed laughing at them as well as with them. They’re Internet stars because a large portion of viewers were mocking them.

And the intended audience for this film simply can’t be anyone other than fans of the original videos (if you have no idea who the Numa Numa guy is, why would you want to go and see him in a movie?). So in many ways, it’s surprising so many of these stars are willing to put themselves back out there for another round. Of course, as Rebecca Black can attest, you can be pretty darn successful online whether people like you or not.

And plenty of these Chronicles of Rickroll stars are likable and have endeared themselves to audiences in spite of the circumstances surrounding their original rise to fame. They don’t appear to be taking themselves too seriously here… there’s even a little tongue-in-cheek vibe going on as they wink at their prior fame.

But the single biggest mistake a movie can make is to reveal too much in the trailer. And that’s maybe the biggest worry I have with this film. Four minutes is an eternity for a trailer, and I can’t help but feel like we’ve already seen many the movie’s best parts. We saw those best parts back when they were all individual viral videos… and now we’ve seen them again, reincarnated, in this trailer. Is there anything left this movie can show us that will surprise us? I certainly hope so, but I have my doubts.


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