All You Want For Christmas Are These Videos

All You Want For Christmas Are These Videos

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Merry Christmas, everyone.  It’s no surprise that there is no shortage of Christmas videos to be found this season.  Finding them isn’t difficult; paring them down is very much so.  We have videos here that represent food, music, entertainment, and more, all the things that make the holiday fun.  With this compilation you should have a lot to work with: you have a recipe for gingerbread man cupcakes, you’ve got a rundown of 40 songs in one video, and YouTube stars Smosh give us their two-part cracked take on hunting down Santa Claus.  Enjoy!

Christmas Videos for 2012: Sights, Sounds, and Treats

Christmas Lights

No matter what the season, there are a ton of light displays going on out there, and with the magic of online video, we can see some pretty fantastic ones.  The granddaddy of the light shows come during Christmas time, and you can find some spectacular ones around the web.

It was the year of “Gangnam Style” and no shocker here, there’s a light show featuring the runaway Psy hit:

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a metal light show.  Slayer Bob uses 6 Metallica songs to construct his:

The Food

The totally cute Livin Like Lindsey shows us how to make delicious Gingerbread Man Cupcakes:

I really enjoyed this simple, yet well-made how-to from Tastemade in whipping up homemade eggnog:

Epic Meal Time has started up a spinoff show called “Epic Chef” where basically, Harley Morenstein and special guests make fun of two guys trying to win an “epic” food competition.  Here’s the recently released Holiday Special:

The Music

This viral hit from Jimmy Fallon, who teams with The Roots and Mariah Carey in the singing of her “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” is infectious mainly because of 4 little kids who just make this video happy and joyous:

CeeLo Green teams with The Muppets in his holiday song, “All I Need Is Love:”

You want Christmas music?  How about 40 songs in 1, courtesy of the Brett Domino Trio:

Rhett and Link, as always, make a funny, entertaining song.  This one is called “Christmas Sweats:”

Blue Xephos gives us “A Minecraft Christmas,” and original song by Area 11 featuring Simon:

And, here’s some sort-of music from the MMA and Gamma Labs, doing a take on “The 12 Days of Christmas:”

The Humor

Do you kiss under the mistletoe?  You might want to think about that question before you answer:

Jimmy Fallon again, teaming up with Tracy Morgan in a reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas:”

YouTube stars Smosh give us a two-part claymation special that hearkens back to those classics we see on TV every year, only this time, it’s twisted:



The Fights

College Humor pits Christmas vs. Hanukkah in this Street Fighter-esque battle of the religions.  Bonus: you get to decide who wins:

Tom Ska’s Christmas Demolition throws our hero into a Christmas action frenzy:

Have A Happy and Safe Christmas

We hope you enjoyed these Christmas videos.  Everyone be safe out there and let’s take videos to the next level for 2013!


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