Top 10 Most Shared Chocolate Ads Ever: Brands are Huge, Giant Losers

Top 10 Most Shared Chocolate Ads Ever: Brands are Huge, Giant Losers

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This started out as a quick post about the most shared chocolate ads of all time (because, you know, it’s Easter) but even before we’d made a start, it become apparent that something odd was going on. Out of the top 10 ads in the list, only 2 were part of a branded channel’s assets, leaving 8 other non-branded channels to feel the benefit of views, shares, engagement and visibility. In a few cases, like the M&M Cupboard ad, the video was uploaded to the brand channel, but the optimization was so poor that it lost out to another upload. Not only that, the comments on that ‘official’ video were turned off leaving little opportunity for engagement with fans.

We’ve talked endlessly about the value of earned media when it comes to brand visibility, but this isn’t even touching on that strategy. This is just a gigantic exercise in brands wasting their chance to promote their products on the second largest search engine in the world. Sure, most of the ads below also appeared on TV, but they have attracted millions of views on YouTube  and millions of shares across the internet, and brands have little control over what is happening to their creative. Over dramatic? Perhaps, but the video in the #1 spot has been turned into a giant ad for a YouTube gaming channel. How is that helping M&M’s reputation? Let’s take a look at the top ten.

Top 10 Most-Shared Chocolate Ads on YouTube

#1 M&M “Sexy and I Know It” Super Bowl 2012 (544,013 shares)

When M&M decided to debut a new color/flavor (brown) they went all out, combining the tentpole event of Super Bowl 2012 with an irritatingly catchy song that was never off the radio. The result was an ad that went viral online (although not on their own YouTube channel, wtf?) and made Ms. Brown a leading character for future campaigns, along with Ms. Green, Yellow, and….oh you know the rest.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Nope 

#2 Cadbury Eyebrows: Official Version (344,845 shares) 

Cadbury’s, unsurprisingly, make a few appearances in the chart, and here is its highest entry, the dancing eyebrow kids. The chocolate company went all out with this campaign, online, offline and across TV, and it was an immediate hit with viewers who couldn’t get enough of these slightly odd children. Cadbury’s had caught the attention of the viewing public earlier with their drumming gorilla (in at #4) and had built up an incredible amount of goodwill for its advertising.

Releasing such a highly entertaining, if baffling, commercial lent itself well to social sharing as viewers tried to emulate the actions themselves, always a winning tactic, and one the brand repeats often. Note the use of the color purple and the catchy music – that’s also a consistent theme throughout most of its commercial advertising. Pretty sure shares for this would be through the roof if it were released in 2014.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Yes!

#3 Nestle KIT KAT squirrel Ad Aug 2010 (322,406 shares)

This particular video, for KitKat, was uploaded to an individual user’s channel (not the brands’ – c’mon!!) with the description “Kit Kat latest add on hindi film song”. Still managed to go viral though with 1,498,672 views. That’s 1,444,441 more views than the highest viewed video on Nestle’s own channel. I’ll just leave that there in case any of the Nestle marketing team are reading.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Nope 

#4 Phil Collins “Gorilla Drummer” Cadbury Ad (Dairy Milk) (315,885 shares)

Yay, it’s the gorilla who brings out the air drummer in all of us! Unfortunately for Cadbury’s this particular version on YouTube, whilst being the most popular in terms of views and shares, resides on a very amusingly, if NSFW, named individual who has complete control of the brand. If you search YouTube using the keywords “cadbury’s gorilla”, you’ll be served with around 59,000 results. Amid the parodies and opportunistic uploads, Cadbury’s themselves appear for it exactly nowhere. Well, I mean I stopped searching after the first 100 or so results, but given that it doesn’t even appear on either of its YouTube channels, the chances of finding it are pretty slim.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Nope 

#5 Cadbury Dairy Milk Shubh Aarambh Ad (269,640 shares)

989,593 views for an individual, not the brand. Anyone else sensing a theme with Cadbury’s here?

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Nope 

#6 Snickers Halloween Grocery Store Lady (144,912 shares)

1,750,312 views for user Alex Turner and 0 views for Mars. Well done all concerned.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Nope 

#7 Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: Nestle 100 Years (135,372 shares)

This TV ad was uploaded to the Nestle Philippines YouTube channel in 2011 and celebrates all things family and chocolate.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Yes *lets off fireworks*

#8 M&M’s Cupboard – Get in the Bowl (132,391 shares)

Although M&M did upload this ad to their channel, it’s another individual who grabs the views and the shares for one of the company’s most recognizable commercials. Why? Who knows. Perhaps it’s the fact that M&M disabled the comments thus cutting off fans of the product who went to comment elsewhere. Perhaps it’s the fact that M&M spent all of 30 seconds optimizing the video for YouTube search.

Does that matter when it’s a brand upload? Well, a search for “M&M’s – Cupboard” returns 2870 results, of which the brand are #1. However, a search for “m&m bowl” returns 47,300 results, and our chosen video is #1. M&M is not on the first page for that particular ad. Now, I’m not about to do the keyword research for M&M to show them how many people are searching for a particular key phrase (unless they want to pay me a considerable amount for doing so) but I will offer this little piece of consultancy advice: just because you are the brand doesn’t mean that buys you any kind of loyalty or engagement on YouTube. Raise your game.  

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Nope 

#9 Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Staircase Romance (106,371 shares)

Our next ad was uploaded to a YouTube channel called ‘Cadbury India’. I have absolutely no idea if this one of its branded channels as a) there is no branding, b) there are no details on the ‘About’ tab, and c) there are no social media details. My spidey senses tell me that this probably isn’t anything to do with Cadbury. If it is………..what on earth are you playing at?

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Who Knows 

#10 SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squared – “Focus Group” (101,728 shares)

The video in at #10 is now private so we have no clue to which channel it was uploaded to. I’m guessing it wasn’t Mars. For these desperate to see it anyone, here’s one uploaded to someone called TheLbrown123’s channel.

Uploaded to Branded YouTube Channel? Probably not. 

This Isn’t Earned Media, This is Poor Video Marketing

It’s probably too late to help the above ads when it comes to clawing back views but we’ll be sorely disappointed if big names such as Mars and Cadbury’s don’t at least attempt to structure a coherent YouTube strategy to fit around their other digital marketing efforts in the near future.

Many thanks to our friends at Unruly for compiling the data – you can see the list of the top 20 most shared chocolate ads they put together for us here.


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