Sometimes, A Catchy Video Title Trumps Content, And Views Follow

Sometimes, A Catchy Video Title Trumps Content, And Views Follow

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So, I’ve been looking at a lot of videos lately, looking for something to praise as an example of fantastic content that maybe a brand or an aspiring video-maker can learn from it.  Alas, many of the videos I’m running across have to do with politics, or Robert Pattinson, or somebody has a new single out.  But I found a video with such a catchy title I had to click on it, and this video is currently reaping the rewards of that title, and the fact that cats are so popular you can pretty much catch them doing anything and it becomes viral.  This video is called, “Teddy the A**hole Cat.”

Teddy the A**hole Cat: Attractive Packaging, Light on Content

This may be the funniest video ever that doesn’t actually have anything all that funny in the video itself.  Everything about it is simple SEO, paying off.  And the comments are fantastic, too.  Let’s delve into this 19-second video, shall we?

I’m not even sure what kind of channel “krmrmlp” is running here…it’s the first video he/she has ever posted and bam, it has over 400,000 views.

The title is an instant eye-catcher, though, and it promises us that we’ll see a cat being a jerk, which is instant catnip to us humans.

I love the keywords (asterisks mine):

a**hole cat  d*** cat  bored cat Cats

That second one had me laughing pretty hard.  It just adds to the very simple, very clear-cut, topic of the video.  And the description basically matches the title.  Hey, this isn’t anything we haven’t seen any cat do before.  Cats knock things off of a variety of standing apparatuses, but if it this video was titled, “Teddy Knocks Something Off the Dresser” it’d be in YouTube discovery hell.

Absolutely love, love…this comment:

Some men just like to see the world burn.

In case you didn’t know, that’s from The Dark Knight, and that mock-response is just perfect for this type of video.

I’m a little skeptical of this video’s popularity in other areas.  The view count seems about right, but a ratio of 80 likes for every dislike is amazing.  Maybe because it’s short, and to the point, and the title is hilarious.

Anyway, if we have anything to learn from this is that this user has leveraged the popularity of cat videos and has given it an awesomely clickable title.  The content isn’t amazing, but it doesn’t take that much time to watch, and at the end of it, you have to agree…Teddy the Cat is a total a**hole.


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