Canada Tops US in Average Time Spent with Online Video

Canada Tops US in Average Time Spent with Online Video

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comScore put out their 2010 Canada Digital Year in Review report last week and I quickly rifled through the first 30 pages to get to the good stuff, video usage! It turns out that Canadians really dig online video. I wonder if there’s a video about the differences in bacon, Canadian bacon and back bacon, I bet that would be popular. No offense Canadians, it just spawned from a discussion Mark and I had with Luke Davies from LeanIn (they’re Canadian eh) about bacon on a recent conference call.

Bacon aside for the moment, Canadians chewed through an astounding about of online video in Q4 2010 with more than 6.6 billion video views in multimedia sites alone. It’s a strange classification but I imagine it’s the YouTubes, MetaCafes and Dailymotions of the world since the other categories are Music, News, TV, Sports and Humor. Now it seems like comScore only started tracking online video usage across the granite shield in Q4 of 2010 as all of the numbers are for that period, but, it’s still better than nothing.

The largest growth sector for online video in the Great White North was Music which makes me wonder if that’s a Beiber Effect statistic what with 279% growth and some 315 million views (up from just 85M in Q4 2009).

Q4 2010 amounted to some 8 billion video views across the board. Not too shabby for a country of only around 35 million.

In the quarter, 46% of videos were consumed by those 35 or older, who made up 52% of unique viewers in this totally awesome pie chart that reminded me of Trivial Pursuit.

Canadians, on average, watched some 267 videos in Q4 and over 20 hours per month. That’s more than the US averages in time spent which is impressive. Now that could have all been hockey, or it could be Sh!t My Dad Says which stars well-known and beloved William Shatner, who is Canadian. It certainly wasn’t Alan Thicke re-runs or cameos (who composed the Joker’s Wild game show theme along with Big Wheels theme for Wheel of Fortune…who knew?! Also, Different Strokes and The Facts of Life, man he is a superstar!).

How do I know people aren’t watching his re-runs? The major online viewing demographic in Canada was 18-24-year-olds who aren’t old enough to even know what show Alan Thicke was once the father in (no not How I Met Your Mother, that was a one shot cameo, but Growing pains 1985-1992).

Doing the math on both charts we get an average of 15.5 hours per viewer. How I did that? I took the time spent for each demographic and multiplied it by the total percentage of video viewed to get a weighted average and then combined it all for 15.5 hours. If you were to take the five demographic viewing times above and average them you would get 15.24 which would be average viewing per demographic technically.

Overall, what did comScore have to say about online video in Canada? Not much:

Video permeated the online space in 2010 and will continue to do so in 2011. Not only are users streaming their favorite TV series and movies online, but advertisers and social networking sites are reaching their audience through videos as well.

Well that’s very…generic. Wouldn’t you agree? Then again, they did only track it for the last quarter of the year from the numbers available in the report.


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