10 Great YouTube Channels For Business Advice And Support

10 Great YouTube Channels For Business Advice And Support

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As business owners and online video marketers it’s really important that we stay up to date with the latest business practices and developments. Today, we bring you our pick of the best channels on YouTube about business along with an example of the kind of content that you can expect to find from each. We chose our Top Ten based on the information they provide which we we feel offer real value to business owners and entrepreneurs, or in fact anyone who needs to keep up with current news and best practices.

There are many of us that would love to have easier access to the type of business advice that will really help us but YouTube makes that almost impossible to search for at the moment. This week’s Creator’s Tip video addresses a question that was asked by a viewer of the ReelSEO YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago:

youtube comment question

In response to Carmen’s question, I searched YouTube and Google to find some video resources that I feel would benefit the business owner. These are my ten choices, divided into 5 of the most reputable, well known business training organizations and 5 individuals that are not only great at marketing themselves, but who are offering some fantastic advice to others.

Our Pick of the Top 5 Branded Business Channels On YouTube

The following are absolutely awesome at business, but not so awesome at YouTube. There doesn’t seem to be any cohesive video strategy amongst them which of course affects the user experience. However, they are still worth subscribing to as they post regular, consistent, informative content:

5. Google Business 

Carries a lot of videos about how to use Google products to successfully grow and enhance your business.


4. US Small Business Administration

Great for talks and seminars about owning and operating a small business.

3. Harvard Business Review

A huge collection of videos including interviews, lectures and panel discussions ranging from a bite-sized 30 seconds to marathon 2 hours in duration.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Similar approach to Harvard, and very Stanford-centric but their videos definitely offer some value to you as a business owner.

1. Wall Street Journal

WSJ wins top place as they post the most consistently and include a lot of tech and current affairs content alongside business advice so more for the business owner to choose from.

Our Pick of The Top 5 Individuals with Channels About Business

Our next 5 are focused on smaller channel owners that want to help entrepreneurs succeed. I believe their advice is invaluable and worth tuning in for:

5. This Week In Startups

Up to date reviews of new start ups and what’s happening in the business space with those companies from Jason Calacanis.

4. The Rise To The Top

“The #1 Badass Show, Resource & Community For Mediapreneurs”. Presenter David Siteman Garland is hugely approachable and offers some real support for those trying to make it.

3. Social Triggers

Derek Halpern specialises in human behaviour and psychology and how that applies to the business world.

2. Marie TV

Business tips, ideas and suggestions from Maria Foleo. A very broad range of topics so the chances of finding something that applies to you and your business are pretty high

1. Behind The Brand

I have personally found this channel to be the most valuable to me as a business person. Bryan Elliot interviews a lot of successful entrepreneurs and business owners to find out what makes them tick and how they built up their company.

We hope you’ve found our suggestions useful. If you have any suggestions for channels we’ve missed please comment below.

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