Business Insider Videos Thrive on Delivering Soft News

Business Insider Videos Thrive on Delivering Soft News

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For the last eight years, Business Insider (BI) has risen through the ranks of news and entertainment websites to become one of the most-recognized brands in the industry. Across the world, millions of people read the German-owned, American-created company’s multiple editions, while companies take advantage of not just BI conferences but also the original research generated through the BI Intelligence service.

But BI isn’t just known for words on a page. The news brand is no stranger to the world of digital video, either. With multiple social video accounts across sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, BI has established itself as a go-to source for clips related to news, current events, human interest stories, and more. After reading this analysis of the company’s video strategy, you’ll see exactly why its digital presence is nowhere near complete without a good helping of video.

Business Insider: Facebook Video Success

According to BI’s advertising page, the news and media organization’s website pulls in more than 78 million unique visitors each month. But some people just aren’t readers, and prefer consuming their content in a more visual format. That’s where BI’s video content comes in.

Tubular data from April 2017 shows Business Insider pulls in an impressive 2.8 billion video views per month on average across all its social accounts. With almost 70% of its social reach stemming from Facebook, the majority of these billions of views come from that platform. In fact, the top ten most-watched BI clips of all time are hosted on Facebook; the leading video, which features different ways to reuse silica gel bags, boasts more than 70 million views.

Again proving how valuable Facebook is to BI’s video strategy, in May 2017 the media brand pulled in approximately 81% of its views from Facebook alone, the equivalent of just over 93 million views. The most popular clip is a minute-and-a-half feature piece on the cheapest available private jet (which at $2 million still seems anything but cheap to some of us). This video attracted 5.7 million views, with 4.3 million of them generated in the first seven days of the clip’s life. With almost 47k likes and 59k shares, BI’s audience couldn’t get enough of the idea of owning their own jet, complete with a built-in parachute.

BI Facebook Videos Appeal to Audience’s Curiosity, Adventure, and Emotions

But why are Business Insider’s Facebook videos so effective? Ignoring the obvious answer that the platform reaches billions of users around the world, which makes it easier for video content to spread, all you have to do is look at the titles and content of the brand’s top ten most-watched videos to understand the psyche of its audience.

Random oddities/information, human interest pieces, and science stories dominate Business Insider’s most popular clips. Like the video mentioned above about new uses for silica gel bags, other videos BI audiences have devoured ever since the brand first uploaded clips to Facebook highlight Russian adrenaline junkies performing impressive stunts on top of a 40-story building, the making of mochi in Japan, and an edible balloon created as a dessert at a Chicago restaurant (image provided as Business Insider won’t allow the video to be embedded outside of the Facebook platform).

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of BI’s top ten clips is three of them are water-centric, with one demonstrating to viewers how to instantly freeze water. Another of these H20-themed clips is BI’s third most-popular video at 45.6 million views and shows a silicone-lined hammock which doubles as a portable hot tub for up to two people. This clip also boasts the highest first 3-day and 7-day views of any BI clip at 37.1 million and 40.9 million, respectively.

Another water-based video on Business Insider’s top ten most-watched videos list features Japanese spa that fills its hot tubs with popular drinks. That’s right — at this spa, guests can swim in green tea, coffee, red wine, and even sake (all of which presumably have skin benefits, therefore making this idea a bit more justified). This video raked in 30.8 million video views within just three days; its total lifetime views are now at 35 million.

So despite being a news and media company, Business Insider has found its sweet spot for video when it publishes unique, soft news content which informs its viewers and makes them interested in sharing the clips with friends and family.


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