How-to Build a YouTube Audience Using Google+

How-to Build a YouTube Audience Using Google+

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How do you get the most YouTube views possible by using Google+? We answer this question, and a few more, on this week’s on ReelSEO TubeTalk: YouTube Video Marketing Tips, with your hosts:

Tip #1: Google+ Posts about YouTube Can Rank Higher Than the Actual Video

Google+ is Google’s very own social network, but it’s still a very underused resource. However, it can be really useful to YouTubers who want to promote their channel, as Google uses it it to pick up social signals about video content. Tim Schmoyer confirmed that at one time, his YouTube videos posted to Google+ were getting more traffic than videos posted on Why? Because of the amount of text in the post about that video. Google+ can drive notable social traffic so it’s worth using. Tips for using Google+ to drive traffic are:

  • When posting the video to Google+, write a really good, strong mini-blog post to accompany it. Give it a good title too.
  • Posting to Google+ may be valuable for increasing the chances of ranking well on Google itself, and possibly even YouTube. The more info Google has on your video, the better the chance it will return it in the search results.

Tip #2: Use YouTube’s ‘Top Fan’ Feature to Build Engagement

Getting started on Google+ is easy. Begin by adding your friends and contacts to Google+ circles. They know you so will generally follow you back,and they will be more likely to watch your videos. Beyond that, wouldn’t it be great if you could find out who the top 500 fans were of your brand’s TV commercials? Well with YouTube, you can! ‘Top Fans’ is probably the most under-utilized tool for building your YouTube audience engagement. It’s available now to anyone with more than 1,000 subscribers. To find out if you currently have access to Top Fans, visit, or check in your YouTube Creator Studio under Community->Fans.

The Top Fans feature enables you to rank your channel’s most engaged and influential viewers. You can sort the table by the viewer’s engagement level, number of subscribers, or when they subscribed. You can group top fans into circles, which could be helpful when targeting a particular message to them, as you can by sending them a Google+ message. And it’s great if you have a special live event like a Hangout or Hangout on Air. You can also give shout-outs to most recent subscribers or top fans.

If you’re a brand you can create circles for customers, leads, prospects, partners and more. Then when you comment, you can target folks only in specified circles. For each person on the list, you can see how many subscribers they have, how engaged they are with your channel, an example comment they’ve left on one of your videos, and how long they’ve been a subscriber. Engagement is based on that person’s public interactions with your channel, such as commenting, liking, subscribing, etc.

Tip#3: Use Google+ Comments to Drive YouTube Traffic

You can comment on YouTube videos, and Google+ posts about YouTube videos.Jeremy Vest advises always clicking the share button on YouTube that also posts to Google+. That way, people in your Google+ circles will see the post even if they don’t visit YouTube.

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